Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Franki Hobson


Jul 15, 2014

Here’s 4 Maternity Essentials To… 

#1 Get more wear out of your pre-preg jeans, pants and skirts

Solution: The BellyBelts® wardrobe extender kit

It can take 20 years to find the perfect fitting jeans, so it’s understandable that there’s a reluctance for many a pregnant woman to invest in maternity jeans (who knows how the body and belly will be shaping up next week?!). The solution is actually quite simple, and MUCH more affordable. It is, a BellyBelt. This very clever invention extends the life of your pre-pregnancy jeans, pants and skirts. How? As your belly grows, your zip and buttons will no longer be able to do up and will leave a visible ‘V’ gap. The BellyBelt is an adjustable elastic panel with a button on one side and button hole on the other (there is also a slide fastening version), which bridges the gap. It also has a piece of fabric attached, which tucks into your jeans, pants or skirt so there’s no belly (or knickers!) flashing.

Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

The BellyBelt® Combo, $19.95, by Fertile Mind contains two Button Up BellyBelts® in different sizes (3 settings), two 2 Slide BellyBelts® in different sizes (two settings), three polyester/cotton panels (denim, black and white) – shaped for minimal bunch. Available in denim, black and white to coordinate with your wardrobe.

#2 Cover your belly as your tee’s head north (& boobs head south!)

Solution: The Bando – seamless maternity band by Fertile Mind

There are three common wardrobe dilemmas experienced by myriad pregnant woman. The first is of course a boob growth spurt! Second? An exposed belly which ‘pops’ out from underneath your tops and the last is ‘flashing knickers’ – caused by wearing your fave pre-preg bottoms that no longer do up. (See tip #1). But there is one clever solution to all three – The Bando. This super versatile and totally luxurious fabric gives support to boobs when worn as a boob tube, and keeps knickers and bellies covered up when worn over pants or under tops. Clever! The super stretchy seamless fabric is made with a strong weave panel, providing optimum support, while the feel is light and silky smooth. You can also use it for discreet breastfeeding after baby arrives. Bonus.

Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Bando, $24.99, – the Maternity Essentials seamless belly band by Fertile Mind. Available in black, white and silver/grey.

#3 Support growing boobs

Solution: Superbra – soft & comfortable bust support

Pack away your underwire bras, they are a no-go zone for 40 weeks (the wire can dig in and restrict the milk duct formation and natural changes in your breasts). Now, we understand you possibly haven’t donned a wireless bra since you were 14, and your boobs have grown substantially during that time, but there is a solution. The Superbra, has super stretch, so it allows your breasts natural growth during pregnancy, is super supportive and super comfy (there are no clips or fastenings and the fabric is uber soft. Super! It’s a worthy investment as it’s designed for everyday use during pregnancy, is comfy enough to sleep in and suitable for post-surgery.

Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Superbra, $24.95, offer soft and comfortable breast support, fits a wide range of shapes and cup sizes, and comes in S-M for Sizes 8 to 14, M-L for Sizes 14 to 18. Available in black or nude.

Check out the BellyBelt and Bando in this video.

#4 Keep your pins and belly cosy warm

Solution: SoftTights Microfibre Footless Maternity Tight

Every girl needs a fail-safe pair of black leggings – perfect for exercise, under dresses in winter, and Sunday café stints. What no girl wants is the waist going M.I.A somewhere south. Enter the SoftTights Microfibre Footless Maternity Tight. Like the name implies, these wonder basics are soft, stretchy and sit comfortably high over the belly.

Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

SoftTights Microfibre Footless Maternity Tight, $24.95 have a cotton gusset, are 70 denier, low sheen, durable and opaque. Available in black.

Visit Fertile Mind for more maternity essentials, fashion, baby slings and carriers and more.

Four Maternity Essentials Every Pregnant Woman Needs

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