Felicity Harley On Balancing A Career, Relationship And Parenting With A Little ‘Me Time’

Jacinta Tynan

Author & Journalist

Feb 15, 2022

Many women would stress just at the thought of such responsibility, but Felicity’s attitude is “You just have to take it all in your stride”. She explains one of her strategies is to try to be fully aware when she’s at work and then do the same when it’s family time.

Yoga and exercise are a big part of her life, and this gets fitted in around her work and family time. She gets up early for a run and then does yoga at lunchtime all of which she considers to be ‘me time’. Following a weekly mantra keeps her motivated.

On comparing her life now to what it used to be like pre-children she considers “Life is different now, life is better now – it’s more enriching and that’s the most wonderful thing for me”.

To hear more about which strategies Felicity has in place to make motherhood that bit easier, just hit play.

Read Jacinta Tynan’s third book, Mother Zen, part memoir part modern parenting manifesto about how to be a more conscious and present parent. *This was first published in 2015 back when Felicity Harley was the editor of Women’s Health Magazine. She is a mother to two young boys (one was born since the interview).


By Jacinta Tynan

Author & Journalist

Jacinta Tynan is a proud mother of two young boys. The former Sky Newsreader helps ease new mother’s lives by sharing the expert advice she receives along the way as she raises her own children. Her segments are full of useful tips and advice about how to make the most of this motherhood journey. Jacinta is also the author of Mother Zen (Harlequin) part memoir, part manifesto of modern motherhood about her attempts to be a more conscious and present parent. She also publishes a website motherzen.com interviewing parenting experts and other parents about how to make motherhood easier.



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