Baby Carrier Endorsed By The Australian Breastfeeding Association: Hug-a-bub! Here’s why…

Baby Carrier Endorsed By The Australian Breastfeeding Association: Hug-a-bub! Here’s why…
Franki Hobson


Aug 10, 2014

It’s the celeb baby carrier of choice, and now Hug-a-bub wrap carriers have the seal of approval by Australia’s leading breastfeeding support and advocacy organisation, the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Here’s why…

Forget designer wheels, the celeb baby transporter of choice is now the Hug-a-bub. Megan Gale and other A-listers have been sporting their wee ones in the carrier for eons, and now it’s been given the thumbs up with an official endorsement by The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), saying the Hug-a-bub allows parents to carry their baby in one of the most natural ways possible.

Here’s five reasons why it scooped the official endorsement….

  1. It promotes better mum-bub cue responsiveness

“The ABA has supported babywearing as a helpful option for breastfeeding mothers since we started almost 50 years ago,” explains ABA President Rachel Fuller. “Having mother and baby close together helps with breastfeeding as a mother can more easily learn her baby’s cues and respond to their needs.’

  1. Bonding and breastfeeding are made that bit easier

The Hug-a-bub wrap carrier offers closeness and security, helping help make the transitional weeks of bonding with baby easier. “Most young babies also need to feed quite frequently and babywearing can assist a mother to carry on with her daily life while being able to breastfeed wherever and whenever she needs to,” explains Rachel.

hug a bug 2

  1. It’s practical, high quality and light weight

Hug-a-bub lets parents respond quickly to their baby’s needs, while enjoying hands-free convenience. And if bub dribbles all over it and rubs their tiny little face against it, that is fine – the fabric is organic cotton, super soft and easy to wash.

  1. The positioning is optimal for both bub and mum

Rachel says that in considering the endorsement it was important to ABA that Hug-a-bub carries babies in the optimal “deep seat” position for good hip, back and spine development, with legs and bottom forming a “froggy” or “M” shape.

  1. It can be used from birth

Hug-a-bub wrap carriers can be worn from a newborn to over 14 kg and will be used often in the first months.

Hug-a-bub is Fair Trade and available at ABA’s retailer Mothers Direct or available at most quality baby stores, and through Fertile Mind. Organic cotton wrap (with self-storage pocket) $99, Organic cotton lightweight wrap (no pocket) $89.

hug a bub

About ABA

As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding, the ABA supports, educates and advocates for a breastfeeding inclusive society. Through a range of services, ABA supports and encourages women who want to breastfeed or provide breastmilk for their babies, and advocates to raise community awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and human milk to child and maternal health.

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By Franki Hobson


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