5 Breastfeeding Helpers: Boobs, Baby & How About These…?

5 Breastfeeding Helpers: Boobs, Baby & How About These…?
Franki Hobson


Mar 02, 2017

Calling new mums, here are our breastfeeding tips. Theoretically, you only need boobs and a baby to breastfeed, but of course there are a few little helpers that can make this beautiful mother-baby bonding experience just a tad more comfortable for both of you…

While it’s true that some nursing mums suffer from sore backs and breasts during feeding, for others the experience is truly magical and mesmerising. One of the essential tricks is determining a good posture and holding position early, and a few of those other ‘little extras’ that might make the process that more comfy and enjoyable. Here’s a few tips and five breastfeeding helpers from designer of The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow, Kylie Robinson, who learned a thing or two while breastfeeding her little ones and developing the nursing pillow…


Good posture Mum! And a super comfy nursing pillow for the wee one!

Breastfeeding helper #1: The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow

“I first designed The Milkbar for my second (big!) baby as a breastfeeding support to relieve the terrible neck and arm strain I had each time I fed him,” explains Kylie. “I have since used The Milkbar as a sleeping support while pregnant with my third, a travel pillow on planes and in the car (the raised side is perfect under your head up against the window), and most recently a support for my knee after an arthroscopy! The raised-end design and contemporary style of The Milkbar has meant it’s been useful long after I finished breastfeeding.”


The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow comes in a range of colours.

Breastfeeding helper #2: Breast pads

Leakage can cause major distress, especially when you are out and about with bub, so invest in good quality breast pads. “They’re great because they alleviate the need to wear busy patterned shirts all the time while breastfeeding,” Kylie explains.

Breastfeeding helper #3: A sports crop top

“Not only is a comfortable and supportive crop top great for sleeping in, but they can help keep breast pads in place,” suggests Kylie. “Try the lightweight SuperSleepBra from Fertile Mind.”

Breastfeeding helper #4: A moist face washer

It has dual purpose! “A moist face cloth is great to stroke the face of my babies during night feeds,” Kylie suggests. “This helps keep them awake and focused on the job – so we can both get back to bed sooner.”

Breastfeeding helper #5: A good support network

“Surround yourself with a strong support group – family and friends that let you know you are doing a good job,” advises Kylie. “Being a new parent isn’t always easy and breastfeeding for me was one of the hardest parts of being a new Mum.”

Buy it!

The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillows are available at Fertile Mind, Baby Bunting, Mothers Direct, Bubs, Baby Kingdom, Toys R Us, BabyCo, and quality baby stores.

For more information visit The Milkbar Portable Nursing Pillow.


By Franki Hobson


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