Oski And Lottie Founder Caroline Rose On The Joys Of A Consciously Curated Home

Caroline Rose, founder of Oski and Lottie, at home
Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Jun 20, 2022

Caroline Rose is the founder of Oski + Lottie, a gorgeous collection of homewares designed for those who appreciate a slow and considered life. Each product, whether produced by the business itself or sourced from around the globe, has an emphasis on ethical production and sustainable luxury. Lovers of an earthy and minimal design aesthetic will resonate with Caroline’s approach to curating a warm and inviting space.

Describe yourself in three words.
Authentic, Thoughtful, Passionate.

What was your career path prior to starting Oski + Lottie?
I have had a diverse career up to now. My first full time job after university was in marketing. Keen to travel the world and live overseas, I returned to study and completed a Graduate Diploma of Education. A great qualification to work and travel with! I lived in London for three years and worked as a Vocational Coordinator for students in alternative school settings. After returning to Melbourne, I completed my Masters in Special and Inclusive Education and worked in recruitment, teaching and education consulting roles. In 2020 Oski + Lottie was born (and named after my children).

Warm and calm, with stories and purpose: A peek inside Caroline’s own home.

We love the design aesthetic of Oski + Lottie, how would you describe it?
Oski + Lottie is a curated collection of beautiful and functional home and lifestyle wares, sourced from ethical and sustainable producers from around the globe. We also create our own textiles label here in Melbourne. Our aesthetic is timeless, minimalist, neutral and earthy; heavily influenced by my experience living and travelling throughout Europe and Japan. Every Oski + Lottie product has been designed or selected to subtly compliment each other and create a cohesive story that can flow throughout your home.

Caroline Rose standing at a kitchen table, at home.
“I thoughtfully consider every addition to our home, and am mindful of creating a warm, calming environment filled with stories and purpose,” Caroline says.

Do you have any favourite pieces?
I sure do.

The Carrie table lamp follows us around our home! It is portable and has three settings, which makes it perfect for any setting.

Oski and Lottie Carrie Table Lamp
The Carrie Table Lamp.

I love products that are portable and multifunctional. The OGK daybed is a favourite in our home; ideal for lounging (both inside and outside) and sleepovers!

Oski and Lottie OGK day bed.
The OGK day bed.

I designed the Essential Tote as an allrounder; it comes with me everywhere from work, to the beach and weekend getaways.

You will find Fog Linen metal baskets in almost every room in our home; they are beautiful and functional storage solutions for my office, the kitchen pantry, and keeping Oski + Lottie’s bedrooms tidy.

Fog Linen metal baskets.

The White Onyx Incense Dish is beautiful and versatile. It can be used for resting smudging herbs or housing little trinkets, and when used with the solid brass dome, holding incense sticks.

White Onyx Incense Dish.

You have a big focus on sustainability, how does this play out in the business? 
I believe in having a positive impact, and minimising my footprint on the earth; so it is imperative I only produce and source products that will benefit society as a whole and protect our environment for future generations. My own textile label is designed and made in Melbourne with thoughtfully chosen natural materials that are rich in character and texture.

When sourcing from partners I begin by asking myself: Has this product been made sustainably and ethically? I love supporting small makers and artisans from around the globe and will only partner with producers who align with my values and ethos.

All Oski + Lottie packaging is sustainable. The tissue paper and stickers are completely acid free, printed with soy-based inks and FSC Certified. All products are sent in a 100% compostable mailers, which can be composted both commercially and at home.

Do you bring these values into your own personal space? 

Absolutely. I thoughtfully consider every addition to our home, and am mindful of creating a warm, calming environment filled with stories and purpose. My home is a curation of ethical and sustainable pieces that have been carefully selected for their quality, timeless aesthetic and natural materials. I have always believed in the importance of doing things with care and intention and savouring the little moments that give my daily life meaning and value. Beautiful products not only bring joy, they inspire us to elevate everyday tasks. Our home is a unique, sacred space that reflects our values; it positively affects every aspect of our lives. 

Caroline Rose, founder of Oski and Lottie, at home
Caroline styles her own home with a focus on quality, timeless aesthetics and natural materials.

What’s next for Oski + Lottie?
I would love to take Oski + Lottie from a click to brick shop! I am also excited about the prospect of
developing an interior styling and design aspect to the business.


By Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Ilona Marchetta is The Carousel's Home and Sustainability Editor. She is a change manager and journalist specialising in sustainability. Ilona is passionate about slow and mindful living, from fashion to interiors to beauty and self care.



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