Jo Munro’s Mother’s Day Guide: Treasures For $50 And Under At Paddy’s Market

Mother’s Day Gifts
Jo Munro

Apr 26, 2017

Treasure Hunt shopping has recently been reported as the latest thing retailers are implementing to delight customers.

To me, they are a little late to the fun. This is no secret weapon. Paddy’s Market is the best location for Treasure Hunt shopping and I have been doing it for years. There are so many stands with such a fabulous array of goodies and always some surprises. I love that their range is not the standard fare served up in every suburban shopping mall.

With Mother’s Day approaching I thought I would prepare a buyer’s guide to give you some inspiration shopping for your Mum. Perhaps this guide could also help some of the tiny loves of your life shop for you too.

So here are some fabulous ideas to spoil someone you love. To help with your Treasure Hunt I have made it easy and included your very own treasure map (stand numbers) so you can either shop quickly and be in and out or whilst browsing the fabulous market you can make sure you swing by the stands with your gift of choice.

For my buyers guide I have selected something practical, something indulgent and a quirky selection for something a little different. With three price points to accommodate every budget Mother’s Day shopping has never been easier.

Check out these gorgeous gifts recommended for that special woman in our life – our Mum:

Under $50

All these gifts are available at Paddy's Market in Sydney
All these gifts are available at Paddy’s Market in Sydney

Australian Made Slippers $49 – stand 613

With the chill in the air, it is the perfect time to toss out the old slippers and have toasty toes with these beautiful iconic Aussie slippers made of 100% lamb’s wool.

Leather wallet – $45 – stand 421

My Mum always loved a new wallet with lots of card slots. When I saw this fun and fabulous wallet I thought of her. We carry so much in our wallets and not only is this gorgeous leather wallet practical but beautiful in eye-catching green.

Shell earrings and necklace set $50 – Stand 330

I love jewellery it makes such a gorgeous memorable gift. A little sparkle for Mum is just the trick to brighten her day. These Swarovski crystal shell earrings and necklace are so glamorous and will certainly make your mum feel like a million dollars!


Under $30

Jo Munro's gifts selection from Paddy's Market helps you to find under $30 Mother's Day presents
Jo Munro’s gifts selection from Paddy’s Market helps you to find under $30 Mother’s Day presents

Cherub with 3 candles -$30 – Stand 366

This sweet candle holder is a lovely gift. It’s as if this gift was picked by Mum’s little angels. Candles never fail to please.

Rose Quart heart – $25 – Stand 366

This gorgeous heart-shaped crystal is such a beautiful piece and funnily enough Rose quartz is known as a stone of the heart. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Sounds like Mum to me!

Soap and diffuser pack – $30 – Stand 294

Fragrant soap and diffuser packs are a wonderful indulgence. I am such a fan of lavish, spoil yourself bath products. Something a little special and personal is a lovely way to remind Mum how much you care. It also encourages her to take time out for herself.


Under $20

This is a pre-selection of what you can find at Paddy's Market for Mother's Day
This is a pre-selection of what you can find at Paddy’s Market for Mother’s Day

Sun hat – $15 – Stand 389

I would like a dollar for every time I have stepped out of my car and wished I had a sun hat with me. When I saw this hat I immediately wanted it. It is such a practical gift for the gardening Mum, for Mums who love to go for a walk or for those like me and need a gorgeous hat to keep in the car.

John Richmond perfume + bracelet – $15 – Stand 782

It is not Mother’s Day without a fragrance option. This lovely John Richmond perfume and bracelet is a thoughtful gift and such amazing value.

Ipad wireless keyboard case $20- Stand 376

As a geek, I saw this stunning red keyboard case and thought it’s a must have for my Paddy’s Market gift selection. Most busy Mums run their families from their ipad so why not make it easier and far more stylish? Stunning Value!

The most difficult thing for me when selecting the goodies for this buyer’s guide was narrowing it down to just three items in each category. Paddy’s has so many fabulous gifts and it’s fun shopping there too. Naturally, the other difficulty is the shopaholic dilemma – not to just buy one of everything for myself.

This is a sponsored post by Paddy’s Market. All opinions expressed by the author are authentic and written in their own words.


By Jo Munro

Jo Munro is best known as The Savvy Shopaholic with the tag line 'Shop More, Save More'. She is The Carousel's resident shopping expert and a regular TV presenter on Ch9's Today Show and A Current Affair. In Jo's book The Savvy Shopaholic, she shares over 20 years of savvy shopping expertise, business wisdom and channel management with those who want to turn their shopping skills into cash. Much loved for her luxe for less shopping tips and wide-brimming smile, she's always keen to share her passion for shopping and savvy tips to get the most out of your dollar.


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