How To Use Colour To Create An Emotionally Healthy Home

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Jun 19, 2018

While everyone has a favourite colour, few people know that harnessing the power of mood-boosting colours is a great way to improve wellbeing, especially as we head into the cooler months.

From balancing thoughts and feelings, to promoting peace and inspiration, seeing beyond the surface of colours allow us to fully utilise their benefits, especially in the home.

To help you understand which colours can benefit your mood for different rooms, Kerena Berry from Designbx, an expert in colour psychology and décor in the home, shares her tips below.

home colour tips for every room

Calming colours for children

Usually associated with health and wellbeing, green can be a great colour to use in bedrooms. It’s considered the easiest colour for the human eye to process and therefore not overly stimulating. For this reason, using a light green hue in a nursery is a great gender-neutral palette that will help boost peace, balance and harmony for your children.

Colours for a productive workspace

Evoking calmness and tranquility, blue is often the top choice for workspaces. It stimulates focus and productivity. It may be a blue wall, touches of blue to interior furnishings like chairs, carpet, tiles or light fixtures, or used within branding elements logos and marketing media. Also often used best as an accent colour, black represents sophistication and power. Having a strong association to status, it can also be effective in office spaces.

Colours for great entertaining

The colour of fire and fun, adding touches of orange to an entertaining area helps make people feel warm and alive. Orange helps stimulate our brains with a boost of oxygen and can result in sociability and increased appetite. Orange is therefore a great colour to use in spaces where entertaining happens like dining areas or outdoor settings.

Colours to boost passion in the bedroom

Most commonly known as the dynamic colour of passion, red excites and stimulates the eye. It’s a powerful colour that is associated with love and sensuality. As a pure hue, it can create anxiety and stress so it’s important that it’s knocked back and earthy in tone when used in bedroom spaces or areas meant for relaxing and socialising. This colour can create a sensual abode for you and your partner.

home colour tips for your bedroom

Colours for tranquility in the bathroom

When considering colours for the bathroom, take into consideration the overall effect you are trying to achieve. Light shades and neutrals are usually best in blues, greens and other earthly colours to create a spa like effect. Stay away from harsh bright colours like yellow and bright red. These aren’t great for mentally cleaning and cleansing. What often works looks stunning is choosing three colours for a bathroom like a neutral, rich and accent colour to mix together.

Colours to get creative in the kitchen

Yellow is the colour that promotes happiness. It also helps energise and stimulate appetite. When you wake up in the morning and head into the kitchen, having yellow is like waking up to sunshine. This eye-catching colour is the choice for getting creative in the kitchen.

Yellow helps lift the mood in your home

Colours to sell your home

Often people worry about adding colour to their home if they are thinking about selling their property. OpenAgent, a real estate comparison site, has research that reveals buyers have become more aware of mindfulness, health and wellbeing and happy with colour when looking at homes, however usually in lighter and paler hues.


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