How The Art Of Giving Back Brings Philanthropist Tina Nettlefold Joy

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Mar 07, 2023

Melbourne Mum and Entrepreneur Tina Nettlefold is one of life’s givers.

She has a zest for life that is utterly contagious.

Just listening to her talk about the joy she receives from launching and building T.House – her online platform of homewares from which 100 per cent of the profits are donated to charity – makes you want to step up and join the ‘kindness economy’.

For Tina, T.House is clearly a passion project which she set her mind to after turning 60 and together with a burning desire to forge a meaningful path decided to make a difference to those in need.

Launched in the dark days of COVID in 2021 as a philanthropic product range, T.House channels her love for philanthropy and creativity to help those who need it most.

“I’m a true believer that no child should ever go hungry in this country,” says Tina, a former advertising executive turned interior stylist who was raised in Sydney by Greek immigrant parents. “No child should never be without a roof. Every child deserves the best in medical care. That to me means community, it doesn’t mean government.

“As a country we rely a lot on our government to do these things, but I believe as a good neighbour, it’s our job to make sure that if you know someone down the street that is struggling, bring them that pot of soup. This is where I think we can do more.” 

Tina says she’d love to see more people do what they can to give back, saying people can simply ‘get involved or volunteer’ their time to a good cause. “Time to me is worth more money than money itself,” Tina adds.

But she says giving her time to something meaningful has fuelled her to do more.

Tina’s motto is to “Live Big, Love Big”.

Live big to me means being present in the moment,” Tina explains. “I don’t look at any moment and wish I wasn’t there. Love big means to give. Smile at people walking down the street. Most of the time you’ll find that people smile back at you.

“I would love to see more people engage in the kindness economy. Charities always come last in these tough times.”

Tina aligns with three main charities, Eat Up Australia, Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and the Lighthouse Foundation. 

So far Tina’s T.House has donated $100,000 of profits to her chosen charities.

If you want to help her donate more, then buy your next gift or homeware item from T.House. Check out T.House here.

Eat Up Australia

With the help of their partners and dedicated volunteers, each week Eat Up Australia makes and delivers over 12,000 lunches directly to schools for vulnerable children. Eat Up Australia is the only organisation providing free lunches to students on a national scale. To date, they have provided over 2.2million lunches to Aussie kids in need.

T.House has played a crucial role in Eat Up Australia’s overall mission, having hosted successful sandwich making events, alongside Australian celebrities and influencers who got involved to help make a difference. 

Tina Nettlefold

Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

Inspired by a big heart and brain, the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation was created in June 2013 in the memory of Robert ‘Connor’ Dawes. They are battling paediatric brain tumours and supporting brain matters in the areas of research, care and development – to fund the science to end brain cancer and support patients in the meantime.

Lighthouse Foundation

For The past 30 years, the Lighthouse foundation has worked with vulnerable young people at risk of homelessness and children who need loving foster families. Over 1000 young people have been helped by Lighthouse Foundation to restart their lives and finish their education. This is done by providing a safe and loving home, with a community that cares for them and helps them to recover from the tough beginnings of their lives. 

About Tina Nettlefold, Owner and Director at T.House

Tina Nettlefold
Tina Nettlefold, Owner and Director at T.House

Alongside a multitude of successful projects, Tina regularly shares a glimpse into her wonderful world on her social accounts. This includes extraordinary home makeovers, household tips and top trends for interior styling & design.


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