Prince Charles Shows Us Around Highgrove House

Prince Charles Shows Us Around Highgrove House
Franki Hobson


Oct 07, 2015

It’s dramatic, fragrant and magical. Highgrove House, the country home of Prince Charles located in Gloucester, England, will have green thumbs green with envy. Take a sneak peak at the magical walks, gardens and features with the Prince himself, Prince Charles, who is a keen gardener… 


Prince Charles – copyright: Highgrove By Marianne Majerus


 Carpet Garden – copyright: Highgrove By Andrew Butler

Carpet Garden: The Carpet Garden is an exquisite, exotic site, and becomes heavy with scent and bright colours in July. The idea for this otherworldly garden came from one of the carpets at Highgrove.



Cottage Garden – copyright: Highgrove By Marianne Majerus

Cottage Garden: This is no ordinary Cottage Garden where many plants achieve their pinnacle of colour in the earlier months of Summer. This space looks especially magical in early Autumn, as the soft light levels enhance the delights of the later flowers on the many perennials and annuals which are cleverly planted to enchant the visitors. The new Summerhouse is a place for The Prince to work without having to curtail his writing during showers.



Meadow – copyright: Highgrove By Andrew Lawson

Meadow: Highgrove’s greatest jewel in Spring is vibrant and humming, full of blooming wild flowers which are being visited by a plethora of insects and birds. The scene changes dramatically in different lights and is constantly busy, open all hours of the day and night. As twilight beckons, the Meadow is equally arresting: bats replace the birds, and moths and owls are on the hunt for insects, pollen or small mammals.


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