How To Make A Classic Christmas Wreath

How To Make A Classic Christmas Wrea
Franki Hobson


Dec 18, 2020

The Materials
Essentials: A wreath frame (ours is from Spotlight) and florist wires or zip ties.
Heroes: 6 sprigs of conifer (evergreen or other shrubs work equally well), and a dark red flower (ours is a beautiful peony).
Fillers: Thick red ribbon, small coordinating baubles, butchers twine.

The Concept
With the traditionalist in mind, this chic wreath is designed for those who dig red and green.

The Key
Keep all of the branches going the same way and trim anything not fitting the shape. Spray with water to keep things perky, and replace the flowers weekly. Alternatively, you can use fake flowers. The greenery will last 2-3 weeks.

How To Make A Classic Christmas Wreath
Mix up your themes! Try a coastal inspired wreath.

Adam’s tip: Opt for either clustering your decorative elements together, or spreading them around.

How To Make A Classic Christmas Wreath
How about a contemporary artwork wreath?

The Alternative
Swap out the red for white and gold. Dahlias look great at this time of year and come in plenty of colours.

Ta da moment
Add a string of tiny fairy lights for a truly tears-to-the-eyes Christmas moment.

Looking for more Christmas home ideas? Visit the Temple & Webster blog for inspiration.

Styled by Adam Powell. Photographed by Natalie Hunfalvay.


By Franki Hobson


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