How To Choose The Right Wall Clock For Your Living Space

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Aug 18, 2021

Great interior design can turn a very unremarkable space into something of beauty and picturesque ambience. Large wall spaces can often be difficult voids to fill when trying to compliment your overall desired look. Luckily, wall clocks have returned to their former glory due to a combination of practicality and yesteryear charm, with modern day style and creative expression. They have been catapulted back into interior design trends being used as both a complimentary addition to your overall style, or acting as a decadent statement piece.

These days there are a huge range of fabulous contemporary wall clocks available to accentuate your décor look. Current trends include sleek lines for the modern-day industrialist designer and blonde timber tones for minimalist scandi lovers. However, to ensure you are choosing the best wall clock for your interior you need to consider a few fundamentals in your decision-making process.

What room will your time piece be mounted?

The style and design of clock you choose will depend greatly upon where you plan to use it. If you are choosing a wall clock for a child’s room you should opt for a vibrant, fun addition to animate the wall space. Choosing bright and exciting colours that pop will enhance the room’s overall energy providing a brilliant and engaging educational tool for your child. Your kitchen, on the other hand, may require a more subtle approach. A slim-lined and sleek design with a second hand could be added for both practicality and just a hint of colour.

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What size wall clock should you choose?

Choosing the size of your timepiece is largely dependent on both the wall size and the type of statement you are trying to achieve. Delicate accents to enhance your room’s overall look can be achieved through the use of smaller more refined hanging wall clock designs. But if you’re after statement pieces that are pivotal to your interiors theme, a large-scale clock with a textured, patterned or coloured face will offer the greatest impact.

What colour should it be?

Colour is a great way to brighten an otherwise dull space. Adding a wall clock with a vibrant colour tone can improve your interior’s aesthetic appeal. Contrasting colours and patterns are absolutely on trend and in line with Vogue Living’s predictions for the latest colour palette. Sharp limes and chilli red earthy tones are set to be among some of the hottest shades this coming year.

Where should you place your wall clock?

Placement, according to most high end interior designers, should be mounted at standing eye level. Although a stunning addition to your interior design, a clock brings a practical element as well. You should be able to read the time easily and without obstruction. Given the considerable range of large wall clocks available, mounting yours high on your wall is absolutely an option and can give your interior a slightly larger feel. In doing so you should always leave approximately 9 inches between your ceiling and your time piece which creates an aesthetically pleasing look.

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So with the basics covered, it’s time to find the perfect time piece. Keep in mind your desired outcome and what exactly you’re trying to achieve by adding a quality, contemporary wall clock to your home. If it’s impact you’re after, opt for large, bright or patterned clocks that immediately accentuate that otherwise dull and uninteresting wall. If it’s a practical classic style with a modern twist keep it subtle. Opt for raw timbers, neutral colours and styles with sleek lines. When it comes to wall clocks it’s no longer just about keeping time, it’s about being timeless.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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