Exclusive Pictures And Interview: Inside the Malibu Beach Pad Of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton at home
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Mar 29, 2020

Exclusive Pictures And Interview: Inside the Malibu Beach Pad Of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had disappeared from our radars for a while there, and now we know the reason why… when she’s not jet setting the globe attending  P.Diddy’s uber cool yacht parties in St Tropez or opening yet another Paris store, Paris has been cosying up at her LA home and Malibu beach pad with her new (much younger!) man, River.

Credited for being famous for being famous for most of the 2000s, Paris has had the biggest laugh. According to Wikipedia, there are currently 50 Paris Hilton stores worldwide and 19 product lines, such as handbags, lingerie, watches, footwear, hair and skin care. And, she earns over US$10 million a year from her business ventures and appearances.

Take a peak into the private abodes of one of Hollywood’s famous heiresses, learn why she converted her garage into a wardrobe and how devastated she felt when her home was burgled by The Bling Ring

Your home was burgled by The Bling Ring and then a movie was made about them. What was that like?

Paris: Watching it was really emotional, it really upset me. I was like, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this actually happened.” All those memories came back of everything that’s gone that I’ll never be able to replace. That all happened a couple of years ago. So now to kind of relive it all again just makes me really angry with those kids. I just think what they did was so wrong and so disgusting, and I just felt so violated.

Family heirlooms and your grandmother’s jewellery were stolen. Did you get it back?

Paris: No. I didn’t get anything back that was worth anything. All my real diamonds, real watches, or anything that was worth anything, they pawned and sold on the Venice Boardwalk. They had yard sales, so they literally got rid of everything that was special to me in my life. They took literally every single thing. They opened the safe, took it all: those were things that were in my family for almost a century, passed down for generations. So it’s just awful that I’ll never be able to see them again.

You’re an incredibly successful businesswoman, but do people respect you enough for that?

Paris: I think people who know me and who work with me and see my business and actually pay attention to it, understand. I think other people who only know me from The Simple Life and just from red carpets, they don’t understand the businesswoman. They wouldn’t. Now I have 44 stores around the world, I have 17 product lines, I have this huge empire I’ve built. So if anyone actually takes a look at it, they’ll see.

Life in the fast lane: do you get around in private jets everywhere?

Paris: Of course I do take jets sometimes, but I fly commercial as well. Whatever it takes to get where you’re going. You have to deal. I don’t mind flying commercial. I’m normal!

Paris Hilton

Most amazing party you’ve been to?

Paris: Diddy has pretty amazing yacht parties in St. Tropez every year. He has the best yacht parties, definitely. Also, there’s this white party where everyone wears white and it’s very glamorous and a very amazing crowd. I love those parties.

Are you still a party girl, or do you prefer the simple life at home?

Paris: I used to love to go to parties, every single night almost. But now, I’m so busy with work, I don’t have time. When I’m at a party, it’s either I’m paid to be there, it’s an appearance or promoting one of my products, or it’s for a special occasion. I’m more of a homebody now. I like to be with my boyfriend, stay home and cook, just chill.

So, the new beau: what do you cook for him?

Paris: I cook everything. I cook amazing lasagna. I’m Italian, so any kind of pasta, lasagna; amazing breakfast, French toast, omelettes.

Does River cook for you?

Paris: Yes. He cooks all these really cool Spanish dishes that I’ve never even heard of before that are really delicious. He’s good in the kitchen.

Paris Hilton at home

Do you make him cups of tea, like in the photo?

Paris: Yeah, at night we do. I always love tea, honey, and milk at night before we go to bed. Not in those little yellow cups, though.

How did you and River meet?

Paris: I was at a club in New York [in the VIP area] and he just approached me. He said he was trying to get in a couple of times. I didn’t know that because I was talking to other people, but he ended up sitting down and I recognised him because we have the same model agent, and he had been sending me River’s comp card for years trying to set us up on a date, but I was never in town when we were supposed to do that. So when he came up, I was like, “Oh my God, I recognise your name,” and we just hit it off right away.

Was there an instant connection?

Paris: Yeah. I saw him and I was like, “Oh my God! This is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life.” So I was so excited when he came up to the table.

What’s the attraction to River?

Paris: I just love that he’s so loyal and so sweet. He has a big heart. He’s always there for me, he’s so supportive, and I trust him with my life. In relationships, I’ve never really trusted a guy before, but with him, I don’t worry at all. I know that he loves me so much that I have nothing to ever worry about. He’s always going to be there for me and that means a lot to me. Especially living in Hollywood, you never know how guys are. He’s not like any guy I’ve ever met.

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Exclusive Pictures And Interview: Inside the Malibu Beach Pad Of Paris Hilton

On Twitter, he calls you “his future wife” on Twitter. Will you two get married?

Paris: I would love to get married. One day. Not right now because I’m so busy with work, but I think having kids and a family is one of the most important things ever in your life. So eventually I would love to get married and have kids. I can’t wait.

What will you dress your children in?

Paris: I can’t wait to have a little girl because I’ve already actually bought so many clothes. Over the past couple of years, I always go to a store and I see a cute little baby shirt or baby dress, or shoes that are like so cute I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to get them.” I have a huge box at home that’s just filled with baby clothes for one day when I have them – I already have their wardrobe.

He is 11 years younger than you (21). Does age matter?

Paris: It’s never been an issue when you think about it. He’s so mature and I feel like we’re the same age. We look the same age, we act the same, so it’s not an issue at all. I just think he’s so gorgeous I don’t care how old he is!

And River on you…. What do you think he loves about you?

Paris: I think he loves that I’m a lot of fun and I have a big heart. I’m loyal. I give him advice. I always do romantic things for him. Like, I love making really cool collages of pictures, all the memories we’ve had, and I’ll make a huge canvas, almost the size of a wall, basically, and cover it with pictures and crystals, and stickers, and hearts. I do that. And I make love letters. I love being romantic. It’s fun.

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Chihuahua time: How important is it that he loves your animals?

Paris: It is. I wouldn’t date someone unless they did love animals because animals are such a big part of my life. They’re like my children. So if a guy didn’t like my pets, it wouldn’t work out. I’m glad that he treats them like they’re his children. He’s so good with pets. You can tell if someone has a good heart by the way they treat animals. I really notice that with people. Animals are very intuitive. They can tell if someone’s bad or not. Sometimes people walk in the house and they’ll bark and get really mean, I can tell maybe that person’s not good. But they all love him and are all over him all the time, so it’s good.

Your beach pad is gorgeous, with ornate gold-framed photos of you everywhere. Tell us about the style?

Paris: I rent a different Malibu beach house every single summer. And every time I move into my Malibu house here I never really like the furniture that the people have, so I always take everything from my house that I love and just bring it, and then redecorate the whole place and kind of ‘Paris-ize’ it. It just makes it more cute and fun. It makes me feel at home and I love all those pictures, I’m really proud of them, and I consider them works of art, so I just love having them all over. It makes it feel like it’s mine.

You have a huge shoe collection, how many now…

Paris: Like, 500 pairs of shoes. I have my own shoe line as well, so every single season they send me over 50 to 75 different styles of my shoes that I’ve designed, so I have all those and my Louis Vuittons. But here, at the beach, I’m only in flats. I’m not in heels. I only packed heels just for today’s shoot, but while I’m in Malibu, I’m literally just in ballerina flats or sandals the entire summer. I’m on the beach!

And handbags…?

Paris Hilton

Paris: Oh my God! Purses I probably have 3,000 or more, because I’ve had my bag line for so many years now. Also I collect all my other Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Versace and Gucci – all those bags. And then thousands of Paris Hilton bags.

How do you choose from 3000 bags?!

Paris: It’s hard! I have the whole garage that I’ve turned into a closet, and I have, like, five closets upstairs, and different purses are ordered by colour and style, so everything’s organized. So that’s how I do it.

As a teenager, which celeb posters were plastered across your bedroom wall?

Paris: I loved all the guys from 90210: Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. When I was in high school, I was, like, obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210. I had my pet rats, I named them Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green and they had all these babies, so I named them after all of the cast members.




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