Game Changers: Melissa Doyle Speaks To Twisted Healthy Treats CEO And Founder Cassandra Spies

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May 03, 2020

The first time Cassandra Spies experienced frozen yoghurt was when she visited the US in 2008 with her family. She quickly realised nothing like this could be found in Australia – especially not a healthy alternative. Having previously worked in a bank in London, Cassandra used the knowledge she gained obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Food Tech to create Twisted Healthy Treats. 

Now, the all-natural, authentic lite ice-cream and frozen yoghurt company has its sight on becoming Australia’s leading frozen dessert manufacturer.

Recently celebrating its tenth birthday in December 2019, Twisted Healthy Treats was first launched in a local shop in Bondi, Sydney, and shortly later the delicious frozen treats were made available at five retail outlets.

Today, the healthy frozen treats are sold in take-home tubs, single-serve cups and on sticks at 1,800 stores across Australia including Woolworths, Coles, Harris Farm Markets, Costco and more. Twisted Healthy Treats has also now committed to manufacturing as they opened a state-of-the-art facility in Alexandria, Sydney.

But running this business isn’t just all about the frozen yoghurt for the company’s founder and CEO Cassandra Spies, it’s also about empowering women to work in business. Her all-female, family-run management team is a tribute to that and they have remained loyal “through the ups and downs, that all businesses go through, for the last ten years.” As a team, they’ve manufactured a product that not only tingles the taste buds but is also super healthy. Their products contain no added or lower amounts of sugar, they are low in calories, a fantastic source of protein and are packed with probiotics – 1 billion per cup!

“We take an incredibly tasty product and we make it healthy” 

On top of that, Twisted Healthy Treats is dedicated to using the best Australian produce. Using 100% Australian dairy and fresh fruit via local Aussie farmers is supporting a community that is very much in need of it. Cassandra believes that our “farming industry, and the methods we use, produce the best tasting dairy and the most delicious fruit in the world…”

Combine that with the billions of probiotics and you’ve got a tasty dessert that also does good for your body. The probiotics can withstand stomach acid and therefore remain alive in the digestive system which in turn strengthens and supports the “immune system, your digestion and your protein utilisation”, and naturally lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

With Twisted Healthy Treats now available at 80% of Aussie school canteens for the kids to enjoy, 2020 is all about growing and expanding their products abroad. The decade is starting on a bright note with the release of Twisted Licks – the 99% juice ice block without any added sugar.

Cassandra also reveals her plans to launch her amazing range of products abroad.

Find out more about Twisted Healthy products on their website:


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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