What Advice Would You Give Your Yonger Self? This Will Surprise You!


Jun 11, 2019

Meet each of our Game Changers. From publicity industry, a charity to an eco-friendly community. Each of them has a powerful story to tell. Take a look and get inspired!

Charlie Thompson And Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective co-founders

From Corporate Cogs to Eco-Entrepreneurs. The Clean Collective is a company with conscience; a retail platform bringing together information and solutions to creating a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle all in one spot. Charlie Thompson and Georgia Lawson and their team are on a zero-waste mission to create a toxin-and-plastic-free Earth.

Tory Archbold, Powerful Steps CEO

Tory recently launched Powerful Steps – a platform designed to inspire, encourage and empower others through the different challenges they may face in life. https://www.powerfulsteps.com.au/

Dionne Taylor, Story Match Founder

Dionne Taylor is the Founder of Polkadot Communications and the game-changing app Story Match which is set to disrupt the media landscape. https://www.storymatch.com.au/

Garry Thomson, CEO Uplifting Australia

Garry Thomson is the Founder and CEO of the charity Uplifting Australia which is building emotional wellbeing in children and families. https://www.upliftingaustralia.org.au/

Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia

Andrew Davie is the CEO and Founding Partner of Qnary Australia, which is a workforce advocacy company which helps business leaders build their digital footprint. https://www.qnary.com.au/


By Presenter

Edwina Bartholomew is an Australian journalist and television presenter. The Sunrise presenter has covered everything from the Olympics to the Oscars. Now, as the host of Game Changers, she interviews inspirational people in business and entrepreneurs.


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