How Women In Business Fast Track Success Using Their Intuition

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Naomi Peng

Mar 08, 2022

In the First World, fourth-wave feminism era, women manage companies, sit on boards, and are encouraged to become financially independent. However, given these luxuries that were traditionally allotted to men, women are expected to give up something in return— their feminine characteristics.

A crucial message that prevails across traditional media is that women must have domineering personalities, be ruthless, business savvy, and work twice as hard as anyone else. Women that don’t adopt these masculine traits remain at risk of being left behind in the competitive world of business.

Time and time again, the world has witnessed the atrocities that happen under bad leadership, whether in politics or business. A world that runs on zero emotion and a hundred percent conquer mindset has led to more crises than successes.

It is time for women to cease suppressing their inherent characteristics. Instead, they should embrace the fact that these might be the very solution to unlocking and improving some of the world’s top companies.

Here is how women in business can use their intuition to fast track their success.

Use Intuition to Unlock Unique Business Models

As natural caretakers and empaths, women tend to look for ways to improve the world. They start with the lives of the people around them. There is a reason why Earth is personified as Mother. It symbolizes the feminine ability to nourish and sustain all forms of life.

The desire to take care of others can often inspire and drive women to design businesses that can help others.

Photo credit: Shar Moore, with permission; Image by: Sumico

Born into a traditional Indian family, Shar Moore was expected to be married and have children by the age of 16. Instead, she relied on her intense feminine intuition to guide her through various business ventures. Today, she’s a mother of three, public speaker, TV Show Host and CEO of Feminessence. It is a magazine and book publishing empire dedicated to bringing the most inspiring regular women to the light. The company was born out of Shar’s strong desire to “help women tap into their essence”.

Facilitate Better Leadership Decisions

Women have long been denied the right to make important decisions and to lead publicly. Numerous studies have highlighted that women are, for example, better investors. That’s because they’re less impulsive and more averse to high-risk decisions. 

Active listening plays a crucial role in how we conduct business with others, form important relationships and make better decisions. A woman’s ability to slow down, understand and empathize with others can help them build stronger partnerships and negotiate better contracts. It can also have a healthy impact on their relationships with their employees, leading to strong company culture and retention.

Shar did more than listen but brought the “unheard voices of women” to the surface. She did it through the beautiful and intentional magazines. Going against the contrary of magazines profiling celebrities, Shar chose to lead her company towards the direction of showcasing the accomplishments of everyday women— and to her surprise, it became a tremendous success.

Attracting the Right People into Your Life

Upon meeting someone, we generally have a gut feeling of whether we resonate with them or not. If we can better trust our intuition, rather than being swayed by status, authority, or money it can open the doors for collaborators that can help actualize our vision.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Having a coherent vision in a company is important for its longevity. When we ignore our signals and invite people that don’t have the best intentions or alignment with our values, we’re allowing for the slow deterioration of the companies we worked so hard to build.

“Our internal GPS system is very strong”, Shar asserts. “More times than others, when we don’t follow it, things come back to bite us in the future”. 

This reflects a sentiment that women tend to ignore because they’re used to being told how they should be or what they should do. Instead, female-forward companies like Feminessence revolve around building communities of women leaders and showcasing the results by leading from the heart.

The more confidence we gain leading with our intuition, the more likely people are to come into our lives. These people are particularly those that share our dreams, paving the way for fruitful and successful collaborations to initiate.


A woman’s innate traits and abilities do not undermine success in business. Instead, more women can benefit from looking to their intuition to help guide them along important decisions. This pertains to everything from constructing their business idea, to connecting with important people that can help them launch their ideas. Women can also build on their intuition to facilitate better leadership decisions on a higher level, and create strong internal infrastructure under their guidance.


By Naomi Peng

Naomi Peng is a contributing writer for True Hollywood Talk and Peres Daily. Coming from a background of political science, Naomi has a keen interest in the intersection between business and world politics, and the impact it has on our lives. She aims to curate informative content on technology trends, business optimization, and transformative leadership.



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