A Brisbane Mum’s Career Clean-Up

Nikita Shetty-Tawde and Family
Giulia Sirignani


Nov 07, 2023

Brisbane Mum Nikita Shetty-Tawde started her business less than two years ago. Last month, she made more money in one month than most high-income earners make in one year.

Nikita is not a banker, lawyer, or property developer. Her business is cleaning.

Nikita made the decision during the crippling Covid period to leave a career in travel sales and join the industry her husband Shray worked in – commercial cleaning. They’d been married for 10 years, but the decision to join forces in business was entirely about necessity.

“There was absolutely no life in the travel industry during Covid – I found myself without a job – and we were renovating our house, so I needed to rethink my life and work. Shray already had a franchise with the brand Urban Clean and I began to think what if I came on board with all my sales technique and expertise, and we scale up to become a Master Franchise,” explains Nikita.

In 2021, Nikita became a Master Franchisor in Australia’s fastest growing franchise brand Urban Clean, founded by Brisbane Entrepreneur Damien Boehm. He’s mentored Nikita in business principles and management style, encouraging her to operate with the growth mentality that she’s a business owner-operator and not a cleaner.

Urban Clean

“Becoming part of the Urban Clean family is the best decision I could have made for my financial future and family. Right from the start, you are set up with the tools to succeed and because of the Urban Clean method and systems it isn’t a question of IF you grow but HOW FAST grow,” says Nikita.   

Since making the decision to become an Urban Clean Master Franchiser, Nikita hasn’t looked back. Today she has 40 Franchisees operating in Brisbane East, West and South, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Canberra which clean 600+ spaces and businesses. 

“All I did was follow the simple process that Damien Boehm has set up for all franchisees and it worked beautifully. That’s the Urban Clean magic. We started off with one franchise unit, then we upscaled to become a Master Franchiser, expanding from Brisbane South to West and beyond,” Nikita says.

“I want people to see a cleaning business as a phenomenal business to get involved in. A lot of people look down on the cleaning industry, preferring to get into property development, Tech or AI, but I would say that there’s probably more millionaires in the cleaning industry than any other industry. Among our Urban Clean franchisees, we’ve had lot of people be able to buy houses, have lifestyles that they never thought possible, provide for their children, achieve financial and lifestyle freedom. This is what we’re about and what Urban Clean is achieving,” says Damien Boehm.

Just as Damien passed on his toolkit on how to fast track your way to a successful business, Nikita is now passing on the Urban Clean know-how and proven systems to all her franchisees in Queensland. 

Nikita says the flexibility and freedom of her burgeoning cleaning empire is a perfect fit for her family and her role as Mum to two children under age eight.

Nikita and her two children

She says versatility is what makes a cleaning franchise attractive, whether you’re juggling a family or looking for added income through a side hustle. “I have an ever-growing income and all the support I need to keep delivering for our customers. As a mum to two busy children, I have the ability to provide for them while also giving them the important gift of time. Work should give to your life, not take away from your life, and give you the freedom to follow your passions and hobbies. Urban clean is the best decision our family’s made,” says Nikita.


By Giulia Sirignani


Giulia Sirignani is a Walkley-nominated journalist, director and producer with nearly 30 years’ experience working internationally in broadcast and print journalism and as a documentary director. Giulia has reported and produced for ABC, Nine Network, CNN, NBC & PBS America, CNBC, RAI (Italy) and wrote for Fairfax publications in both Australia and New Zealand as well as corporate and tourism blogs. Giulia writes and produces content for lifestyle websites TheCarousel.com and WomenLoveTech.com. She also trains politicians, corporate teams and academics in media and presentation skills, personal branding and corporate narratives. Giulia has edited books on public speaking and personal branding.



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