Where Happiness Hides: Discovering Wonder In The Simple Things Of Life

Where Happiness Hides
Jules Van Mil

Jun 09, 2020

In his most recent book, Where Happiness Hides, Anthony Bertini transports the reader to a world where simple pleasures become memorable, as two children and their dog embark on a journey of discovery.

Anthony Bertini
Anthony Bertini

The opening line, ‘Happiness hides in the little things’, is the central theme of the story as the characters’ adventures bring joy, surprise, disappointment and ultimately hope. The children giggle as candlelight throws their shadows onto the wall and delight in finding a letter. Down at the beach, they are mesmerised while watching crabs scurry over rocks. Finding secret tunnels and treasure buried in the sand brings delight, while unexpected rain evokes feelings of disappointment. Dark clouds and a storm bring puddles and a rainbow and the children discover that after a setback, there are blessings to be found. 

Where Happiness Hides

Jennifer Goldsmith’s whimsical illustrations embrace the world of adventurous children—balancing bare foot on branches high up in a tree, windswept faces turned towards the ocean, their scruffy white dog by their side.

Visually, the atmosphere is one of a magical summer holiday, where each day delivers new discoveries and unforeseen frustrations quickly diminish as hope prevails. 

Where Happiness Hides
Margrete Lamond

Published by Dirt Lane Press and digitised by webmaster Alex Jordan, this inspirational and uplifting picture book, Where Happiness Hides, is available free online for a limited period. This collaborative project between Margrete Lamond from Dirt Lane Press, Bertini, Goldsmith, Scacchi and Jordan is a gift to children globally during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and is available in 35 languages.

Actor Greta Scacchi narrates the story with sensitivity and passion, making Where Happiness Hides, accessible to readers, non-readers and those who are visually impaired. For parents, carers and teachers, this audio visual experience provides the perfect opportunity to encourage imaginative thought, resilience and optimism—What do you think the children saw when they climbed the tree? If you got caught in a storm, where could you find shelter? What other things could you find at the beach if you looked around a bit longer?

Greta Scacchi
Greta Scacchi

For those children who have never climbed a tree, run on a beach or known the loving companionship of a dog, Where Happiness Hides is their gateway to a world of new experiences. A world where happiness, curiosity, resilience and hope reside. What a beautiful place to be.

Where Happiness Hides

Where Happiness Hides is available on: www.wherehappinesshides.com

The Carousel would like to thank Jules Van Mil for her article. Jules is also a children’s author and her book is called Gemma Riley And The Fashion Fiasco and is published by Pan Macmillan.




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