Old Wives’ Tales That You Need To Know About Now.

The Little Book Of Old Wives' Tales By Sarah Klain
Shonagh Walker

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Jun 16, 2023

Old wives’ tales … who wasn’t raised on them? In our house, they were myths that were thrown around like confetti. There was the one about drinking a bottle of castor oil when your baby was overdue. My sister-in-law was not impressed with that one, as she spent the following day on the loo instead of the labour suite. I’m still not forgiven for the trail of bad luck the family had after I opened a parasol in my bedroom 28 years ago. And of course, being half Scottish, there was always the one about the tall, dark handsome man walking over the threshold with a piece of coal on New Year’s Eve bringing good fortune and becoming my husband. I’m still single. I’m still poor.

Old Wives’ Tales Explained

All myths aside, there’s now a fab new tome written by first time author Sarah Klain, explaining these wondrous tales. Sarah debuts her first book – The Little Book of Old Wives’ Tales – with fifty-seven colourful and vivid illustrations. These humorous tales, passed down from generations in her family lineage are about premonitions, relationships, pregnancy, death, health, misfortune, and fortune.

For instance, have you ever witnessed a person wearing a red string on their left hand and wondered why? Or why do people touch their belly button when they see a bride? The Little Book Of Old Wives’ Tales exposes these traditions in a humorous way while hinting at the possibility that many may in fact, be fact (for instance, if you get a floppy handshake from someone and they avoid eye contact, they may be deceitful).

The Little Book Of Old Wives’ Tales is the perfect and ideal book to sit down with a nice cuppa or glass of wine and have a laugh or two, or gift to someone who might need some mystical spice in their life.  About Sarah Klain

Bondi born and bred, Sarah Klain grew up surrounded by superstitions and old wives’ tales. After 30 years of avoiding cracks in pavements and ensuring she doesn’t spill the salt, Sarah decided to share her family’s strange customs with the world. When she’s not putting pen to paper, Sarah is busy working in the ethical artificial advisory field.

The Little Book Of Old Wives’ Tales 

The Little Book Of series is a mini-illustrated series catered to adults with a satirical spin. The volumes will range from old wives’ tales, women, men and relationships, unemployment, old wives’ health remedies, children teaching adults life and fashion faux pas. This eclectic series is a fun and tantalising read for all and is sure to bring plenty of laughter, intrigue, and satire. The colourful and vibrant illustrations seamlessly tell a story with childlike innocence and cheek.  

Old Wives' Tales
Sarah Klain is the author of The Little Book of Old Wives tales and also works in the ethical artificial advisory field.


The Little Book Of Old Wives' Tales By Sarah Klain
The Little Book Of Old Wives’ Tales By Sarah Klain


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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