3 Hot Floral Trends From Wild To Ornamental Kale

Flower Growers Tell Why “Greenery Is So In Vogue Now”
Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Feb 01, 2023

Buying flowers can be a daunting task. Just like fashion, flower trends come and go. There is always an abundance of choice, you don’t know what will last, and you want to send the right message. 

So we went to the growers themselves from the Sydney Flower Markets and asked them what the three hot floral trends are and here’s what they said:

Go Wild 

Craig Scott, East Coast Wildflowers 


East Coast Wildflowers are the go-to for our beautiful Australian natives flowers.

According to Craig’s insider farmer knowledge, the latest trend is towards flowing and wild floral arrangements. He has found that After Dark and Weeping Wattle have skyrocketed to best sellers when they are in season.

“They mix well with Kangaroo paw, Paper Daises and Roses,” he said. “Long-leaf Eucalyptus in green and grey has also been hugely popular.”

Use Eucalyptus

Sarina Alesci, Flowers in Season


Flowers in Season (formally known as The Flowering Eucalyptus) boast an abundance of beautiful blooms from hydrangeas and flowering eucalyptus to sunflowers and ornamental kale. The family-run business operates across four farms and also provide magnolia, camelia and vibernum foliages.

“Right now, eucalyptus foliage is very popular,” said Sarina Alesci. “It was popular a few years ago but then there was a decline, and a preference for magnolia, camellia and vibernum foliage. Now, we’re seeing the eucalyptus come back in.”

Ornamental Kale

Gabriella Zaia, T & G Flowers


It turns out that kale isn’t just a health craze. Ornamental kale is also taking over the floral universe, according to Gabriella Zaia. T & G Flowers is a family business with over 30 years experience of growing and importing premium cut flowers, orchids and foliage’s.

Gabriella said that chrysanthemums are making a come back and ornamental kale is still having its moment in the spotlight.

“Chrysanthemums have come back into fashion,” Gabriella said. “They were out of favour a few years ago but they’ve really come back and they’ll be big again for Easter and Mother’s Day.”

Kale is one of the few plants that thrives in winter, and becomes even more beautiful.

“Ornamental kale was a big seller last year and it will be again this year. The colder it gets, the more the colour comes out. It’s popular because it looks like a rose and it’s a good, cost-effective filler for things like weddings and big events.”

Helpful Hint: If you love the look of ornamental kale in an arrangement but find you can’t keep the water fresh for long enough to really enjoy it (before the stem begins to smell), add a drop of bleach to your water.

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By Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Ilona Marchetta is The Carousel's Home and Sustainability Editor. She is a change manager and journalist specialising in sustainability. Ilona is passionate about slow and mindful living, from fashion to interiors to beauty and self care.



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