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Yoga Pose Of The Week: Energise Your Arms & Legs With Warrior 2

Yoga Pose Of The Week: Energise Your Arms & Legs With Warrior 2

Traditionally a transition from warrior I, Warrior II is a classic standing pose and is a frequent star through out many Vinyasa yoga sequences. It is perfect for beginners and a great base position for moving into more advanced poses such as bird of paradise and half moon pose.


  • Starting in your downward dog, raise the right leg in the air and step the foot in between the hands
  • Cup the back heel down so its at a 45 degree angle with the toes still pointing towards the front of the mat (If you have knee issues you can make your back foot parallel to the back of the mat)
  • Cart wheel the hands up and open with the palms facing down
  • You want to try and keep your wrists in line with your shoulders and reach both finger tips away from each other
  • Roll the shoulders up and then pull them down the back moving them away from your ears
  • Push down through the outside pinky toe edge of your back foot (this will release pressure off your front thigh, especially if you have to hold the pose for a longer period of time)
  • Make sure you keep a micro bend in the back knee to protect the knee joint
  • Bend into your front knee until the knee is inline with your front ankle
  • Relax your front toes by lifting them up and then placing them lightly back down to the floor
  • Tuck your pelvis under, and work on keeping your hips open
  • Move the muscles of the legs towards each other
  • Pull your belly button to the spine, switching on the core
  • Relax your neck, looking straight ahead

Yoga Pose Of The Week: Energise Your Arms & Legs With Warrior 2 1


Yoga Pose Of The Week: Energise Your Arms & Legs With Warrior 2 2


Yoga Pose Of The Week: Energise Your Arms & Legs With Warrior 2 3


  • Inhale the leg up in the air
  • Exhale the foot in between the hands
  • Inhale arms up
  • Continue to inhale and exhale out through your nose


  • Stretches your hips and groin
  • Improves concentration, stability and balance
  • Energizing for your legs and arms

Sammy Veall owns and runs Yoga 213 with studios in Bondi Junction, Sydney and South Yarra, Melbourne.

Photography by Deanna Geralch.

Written by Sammy Veall

Sammy Veall is The Carousel’s resident Yoga Teacher and owner of Yoga 213 studios in Melbourne and Bondi, which specialise in hip hop yoga, a technique Sammy proudly introduced into Australia. Sammy is trained in Vinyasa, Hatha and Niyama hot yoga and is a regular authority on all things yoga related, appearing in Women’s Health magazine, Yoga Journal and The Age newspaper. Sammy is also the Ambassador for Diabetes Australia and The Carousel is thrilled to welcome Sammy Veall as our resident Yoga Teacher, bringing fun, technique and a host of healthy mind, body and soul benefits to fans every week.


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