Thinking Of Doing Dry July? Here’s What You Need To Know

With Dry July only one week away, new research reveals the health effects of drinking, and gives Aussie’s another reason to start their winter health kick:

Is Dry July easier with a partner?

Being sober for a month may seem daunting but there is evidence to suggest that having a ‘Dry July’ buddy can make it an easier decision, especially if you live with each other, as many of us have done since COVID-19.

I know many couples who have decided to quit the booze for great reasons including weight loss, liver health, energy and to improve general wellbeing.

Drinking is not so sexy after all!

It can challenge the best relationships when one partner quits for the month while watching the other sculling back the wine or beers.  The truth is sometimes seeing your partner under the influence can be rather unsexy too!

Reports from couples and friends who joined forces to achieve a Dry July together didn’t feel as isolated and most importantly didn’t feel like they were missing out!

Improves sober communication

Couple doing Dry July

Going dry for the month can also promote healthier ways to enjoy the evenings such as after dinner walks or solving with a glass of sparkling water rather than wine and remembering the conversation! I don’t think I’ve met one person who doesn’t end the month feeling a sense of pride – and because once you get one month under your belt, you realise going without alcohol is actually easier than you think.

So, if you are thinking about asking your partner or a friend to do Dry July with you, here are some supportive and important points to send to them:

Within 7 days 

Better deep sleep

Deep sleep

REM sleep is normally achieved about 90 minutes after we fall asleep.  This is the stage of sleep when we dream and it is thought to be the most restorative stage. The more you drink before bed, the more your REM sleep is disturbed which leads to tiredness and lethargy the next day.

Less Anxious

Alcohol tends to trigger a lot of anxiety and negative thinking! Without the toxins from alcohol affecting your central nervous system, you will be feeling more optimistic and more on top of your life! 

Within 14 days

Healthier digestive system

Alcohol is known to irritate the digestive system. Drinking alcohol makes your stomach produce more acid than usual, which can in turn cause gastritis (the inflammation of the stomach lining). If you do suffer from any gut issues, you may start to see an improvement by the end of Week Two.

Weight Loss

weight loss, dry July

One of the biggest benefits on top of general well-being is simple weight loss. There are lots of empty calories in alcohol which are often not taken into account when trying to maintain weight. Also ,we tend to eat slightly less healthier foods after a few drinks and tend to snack more as well.

Mental Alertness

The one thing most people report is incredible clarity, easier decision making and just generally coping better because they feel more mentally alert.

Week 3

Improved blood pressure!

Alcohol has been proven to raise blood pressure, so you will naturally feel better in the third week of a dry month. Reducing your blood pressure can be crucial as it can help to lessen the risk of health problems occurring in the future.

Eyes are brighter

During week three you should also notice your eyes have become brighter and whiter, as your eyes also become more hydrated.  Bright eyes are also a sign of your liver getting healthier too!

Week 4

Liver Health dramatically improved!

Glowing skin

Your Liver will thank you…Taking alcohol out of your diet for just four weeks can help liver function dramatically!As long as your liver is not too badly affected by your habitual alcohol intake you can expect it to recover within 4-8 weeks.

Your Skin will be glowing!

One of the biggest issues that comes from drinking alcohol is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, therefore it effects the body’s ability to keep its fluids up.  It will try and divert any excess water towards vital organs such as your skin.So, guess what…your skin appearance will also improve dramatically! It takes on average 28 days for skin to renew itself. Without the bloated booze face and the toxins in alcohol you can expect to look much younger!

More weight loss

The weight should continue to drop off as your liver is less burdened with the booze and you are naturally making healthier food choices.

Nutrients being absorbed better

You will be converting nutrients in food better, storing more minerals and vitamins and this will have a domino effect on every aspect of your health and your outlook.The bottom line is, there is no downside to doing Dry July with someone else.  By the end of the month you and your Dry July partner in crime will have no regrets!

Georgia Foster is an alcohol reduction expert who has a Dry July recording to keep you strong and motivated.

The Carousel would like to thank Georgia Foster for her story.

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