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Covid Kilos
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Jan 26, 2024

Carrying a few extra Kilos? You‘re not alone! 

To help you out, we’ve covered some of the leading online weight management programs that help you maintain a healthy weight, while still allowing for a little bit of indulgence now and then. Before you reach for the bottle opener, grab the remote control, or your smart phone, and try one of these programs!

Diced By VARLAH 

You may not have much in common with Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Ricky Martin, but you can share their trainer’s workout tips! Led by celebrity PT (and Co-Founder of F45) Luke Istomin.

Diced by VARLAH includes 24/7 daily workout videos, a nutrition guide and meal plan, and access to health experts, dieticians and fellow DICERS to help you stay motivated – and shred and shed those covid kilos. VARLAH was designed to offer worldwide access to convenient and affordable workouts that can be done in two metres by two metres of space, streamed from any smart device.

Varlah Diced
With VARLAH Diced you can work out anywhere, anytime using any smart device.

Mission by Varlah 

There’s not much you can do in less than 90 days, but with the Mission by VARLAH program, building the body of your dreams can definitely be one of them. Their 12-week transformation program focuses on workouts that use dumbbells, a resistance band, bodyweight, dynamic body fat-torching HIIT exercises and recovery and repair sessions to blast fat, build strength and help you blast covid kilos quickly.

Varlah Jess Chasen
Jess Chasen underwent the VARLAH MISSION 90 Day Challenge and lost an incredible 13 kilos while toning up all over.

Endorphins by LC

This amazing platform offers multi-genre online group fitness that you can either participate in LIVE or via REPLAY for just $7.50 per class. Endorphins by LC was created by highly sought after fitness instructor Laurie Creasy when COVID locked down her live classes in March 2020. Knowing how a lack of movement, loss of community and daily dose of music that makes you want to dance would play havoc with her own mental state and fitness as well as that of her clients, she set up a stage in her home office and invited her friends to join her via a 16 inch screen.

Endorphins by LC
Endorphins by LC offers five fun workouts, four times a week!

28 by Sam Wood 

Sam Wood may be better known as Australia’s third Bachelor, but his passion extends beyond reality TV and roses. As well as owning the kind of abs that makes him a perfect ambassador, his online fitness program (available through an app, website, or book) offers users meal plans, workouts, meditations, and recipes designed to help them shed the covid kilos in 28 days.

28 by Sam Wood
28 by Sam Wood offers great workout options and recipes.

Weight Watchers 

From personal coaching to workshops and digital apps, WW offers several science-backed programs that help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Whether you need a tracking tool (including barcode scanner) to work out your macros, weekly one-on-one private coaching sessions, guided workouts and meditations or healthy recipes and restaurants (they have over 5000 of them), Weight Watchers can assist.

weight watchers burger
WW has plenty of recipes that are tasty, nutritious and will help you maintain a healthy weight.


Noom bills itself as “The last weight loss program you’ll ever need.” And based on its success to date, it may just be right – A recent study from The University of Sydney ranked Noom as the number one weight loss app in terms of quality, scientific coverage and accuracy.

Noom works by combining psychology with healthy eating and exercise. By understanding the root of your lifestyle choices, and the way they impact weight loss, Noom offers long-term solutions to shedding kilos – even when Covid is over.

Noom focuses on mental health as well as healthy eating and lifestyle.

Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation 

Fronted by the same personal trainer who helped contestants on Australia’s The Biggest Loser achieve their weight loss goals, Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation comes with serious cred. Fortunately, you don’t need to audition for a part on a reality TV show to reap the benefits of the 12WBT – which offers a simple online health and fitness program, designed to help you lose those pesky covid kilos, and make real lifestyle changes that last for long after. 

Michelle bridges
Michelle Bridges 12WBT promises real results and support over a three month period.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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