Louanne Ward’s Guide To Women Getting Back Into Dating

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Sep 13, 2019

So here you are about to embark on the somewhat daunting journey into the dating arena. You cannot avoid hearing about how much dating has changed and the horror stories associated with technology dominating the way people meet and connect. No matter where you turn someone seems to be complaining about modern love and how hard it is to meet someone: Before you’ve even entered the dating world the seeds of doubt have been planted, but it is not all bad news. You can dramatically increase your chances of meeting the right man by starting off on the right foot!

Tips For Getting Date Ready

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You must first accept that dating has changed, both positively and negatively.

  1. Deal with past hurts and baggage; before venturing out to meet someone new. Any residual past hurts that have not been resolved will rear their ugly head no matter how long ago they happened. If you have past hurts or resentment, the dating world will add further kilos to the baggage – and the cost is will be at your expense.
  2. Get emotionally ready and prepared for the digital age; new behaviours have emerged and are common enough to have been named! Ghosting’, zombie-ing ‘benching’ catfishing, cushioning, ‘bread crumbing’ and the list goes on. Get familiar with the terms and arm yourself accordingly. Never take the behaviours of others personally. 
  3. Brush up on your interactive communication skills; texting is likely to happen more than calling. Sexting is common as are requests for naked photos and receiving of unasked for naked pics. 
  4. Get physically ready; Approach the dating world feeling good. Hit the gym, cycle, swim, yoga whatever you enjoy and lose a few kilos, it will raise your self-worth as well as giving you more confidence internally and no matter what your body shape nothing is sexier than a confident, positive woman!
  5. Sort out your image; look at what your wardrobe says about you! Give it a revamp. Don’t go BACKWARDS trying to relive your youth by dressing like you did when you were 20 your image it is a secret weapon of non-verbal communication.
  6. Don’t create unrealistic expectations; this is the real world not a Hollywood production and no man will ever live up to the fantasy in your mind. 

Where To Go And What To Do

Network, network, network! Get off the couch, out of the comfort zone and in amongst people! Meet up groups, charity events, expos, boat shows, art galleries, workshops and business events are great places to start. 

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Take up a new hobby, something that is likely to have a mixture of men and women, golf, tennis, wine tasting, toastmasters, bushwalking, exercise classes or anything involving water. (You will find men near water, it’s like bees to honey). 

Whilst dating sites and apps are the favourite go to place of modern-dating and they have many benefits you’d be wise to keep your dating under control and the hours spent in front of the screen no more than what you’d spend interacting with REAL people. 

When setting up a profile do NOT misrepresent yourself or use photos that are outdated, they will come back to haunt you. 

Be realistic with the people you choose and don’t get caught in the trap of turning into a serial dater, you could find yourself jaded and burnt out.

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Combine activities and options without putting all your eggs into one basket. Say yes social invites and remember above all to have fun. 

Take your time and don’t be in a rush to jump into a relationship before reconnecting with yourself. 



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