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How To Ditch The Frog And Find Your Prince In 5 Easy Steps

How to find your prince

With an abundance of dating apps at our fingertips and millions of potential suitors a social media click away it shouldn’t be that hard to find Mr Perfect.

Are our expectations too high? Are we too selfish? Or are we simply destined to continue meeting toads? WRONG!

Many of us have fallen for the bad boy. Yes, it’s sad but true. Unfortunately, some people still keep attracting the bad boy and experience yet another broken heart. Do yourself a favour, ditch the bad boy and replace that toad with your prince!

Tala Scott, founder of Evolve Today, relationship expert and author, knows how many people struggle to find the right person and instead find Mr Wrong or Mr Not Right Now.

Your prince is waiting

“So many of us are afraid to be alone that we don’t give real love a fighting chance and we settle,” says Tala.

“This is the wrong thing to do and as hard as it is to believe at the time, people need to have faith and believe in fairy tales again because true love is out there for everyone. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing what we need to look for and what we need to avoid.”

During her years of research, Tala has discovered that true love really does exist.

“It’s called the Divine Union Relationship. The love contained in this relationship grows in intensity and endurance. Prince Charming isn’t exclusive to the legends in the fairy tales we have stored away in our childhood memories.

“As we access this amazing concept, our perspective changes forever in the most positive way imaginable. True love isn’t a drama-filled soap opera. It’s grounded in everyday reality, and lived in the magic of real life. The magic of love is something we all deserve so much more of so go find your prince!”

Below Tala lists her steps to take today to ditch the frog and help you spot the prince.

1. The first step begins with you

Begin by forming a loving relationship with yourself and know your worth. Be true to who you are and make sure your needs and wishes are being met.

2. Examine your beliefs and patterns regarding love

Do you believe you are lovable and deserve to be loved? Do you believe that you can be cherished and honoured by just being yourself? Do you believe you are deserving of a partner’s time and attention? If you said yes to all of the above, you are ready to take a leap of faith onto the lily pad of love. If you said no, and are doubtful or hesitant then a self-renewal program would be beneficial.

3. Believe love is real

If you are ready to ditch the bad boy forever, it’s imperative for you to believe that love is real and that your special someone is out there. This step is crucial. Please, don’t settle for second best. It’s really ok to be single even when those around you are preparing to settle down or get married.

4. Heal and reflect

Once you’ve ditched the bad boy, take time out to heal and reflect. Go on a holiday or take time out for you. Have a chakra healing to shift any unresolved past relationship issues. This will help to create your life balance again. It will also enhance your energy to attract the right partner so that you won’t even give that guy a second glance.

5. Do your research

The internet will bombard you with various stories and information. Be selective in your search. Google will tell you all about soul-mates, twin flames and twin souls. Take on board what feels right for you.

Written by TheCarousel

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