How Danya Gamliel Found Her Husband Using Her Clairvoyant Practices

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Aug 11, 2022

My maternal Grandmother, a fifth-generation clairvoyant of Ukrainian descent, gifted me my first deck of playing cards at five years old and nurtured my clairvoyant skills from early childhood.

I have been working as a clairvoyant for 15 years however, in February 2021, I left my finance job, which included managing the financial needs of some of the wealthiest individuals and families in Australia and jumped into working as a psychic and ritual queen, FULL-TIME!  

From celebrities to royalty, I have helped my clients with life transitions, finding love and financial abundance. I have also successfully used my rituals on myself – finding my husband using my love ritual.

After trying to find my life partner with no success, I started thinking that no one was compatible with me. I felt deflated and thought that perhaps having a traditional marriage and a nuclear family weren’t things I would achieve. I gave myself a timeline to achieve these goals and I accepted that going down the path of IVF solo was a possible outcome for my future at that time- because I always wanted to experience motherhood. However, something inside told me that I was approaching dating all wrong, and if I started focusing on what I wanted I might have more success.  

I confided in my very wise mother, who encouraged me to try the following manifestation technique to attract the right person for me. We realised the problem I was having was that I was too busy focussing on the type of guy I wanted to meet when I really needed to focus on myself- the person standing next to my dream man. 

What was she like? How did she communicate? How did she spend her spare time? What was her interest, and how did she honour them? Personally, I felt that my dream man was worthy of someone who focussed on their own dreams, tried new things, was kind, and cared for herself physically (good nutrition, exercise, and did internal work and healing). She was someone who would take up extra-curricular activities on weekends/after-work (queue the art class and cocktail making!). She was compassionate and cared about her friends and community. With this in mind, each week I focused on achieving each of these elements in order to attract my dream man. 

Once I got clear on who I was and the person I wanted to show up as in my relationship, I then wrote a list that I kept under my pillow, outlining the kind of partner I envisioned myself with. I got clear and focused on my non-negotiables, such as how they would make me feel, for example, secure, loved, appreciated, cared for, and how I would feel when I’m with them. Once I got committed to these feelings, I got clear on the traits, qualities and values my future partner would have. 

Once I started to show up as that woman – the woman who I saw next to the dream man – the type of men that came forward expressing interest changed, becoming more in line with the man I dreamed of. 

Next, I completed two love rituals within the space of approximately 5 months and then my dream man showed. We are now married, have a little boy together and are very happy. 


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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