Home for Valentine’s Day? Simple Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

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Jan 29, 2022

With these great DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas, from stylist Lydia Coleman you can make your at-home Valentine’s distinctive and unforgettable! Oh, what a treat it is to enjoy a romantic day.

On February 14th, couples all around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own special ways. Some people prefer to plan beautiful dinner dates at restaurants, while others prefer to go on a brief break to find their romantic sanctuary. However, with a pandemic still raging, planning a romantic get-together outside of the house is both difficult and dangerous. But we don’t want our sweethearts to lose out on Valentine’s Day festivities simply because they are unable to leave the house!

So, in the spirit of last year’s house parties, we’ve compiled a list of outstanding DIY Valentine’s Day room design ideas that will undoubtedly raise the bar for at-home dates. We’ve compiled a terrific selection of easy DIY décor ideas to woo your better half this Valentine’s Day, from attractive front porch decor to cozy bedroom arrangements! Pick one from our list and give it a go. And we’re sure the fourth one will work wonders in the nights!

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5 Simple Tips For Keeping The Romance Alive

Make Valentine Decor for Your Front Door

“Two things remain irreversible — time and first impressions,” as the adage goes. When it comes to romantic design ideas, don’t underestimate the importance of front porches. If you have a view from your front porch, you should take use of it. The beginning of your Valentine’s Day home décor should be your entrance. It’s surprising, romantic, and doesn’t take much time to prepare. All you need, in our opinion, is a basic wooden patio furniture, some flower decorations on the entrance, and a backdrop wall. On the entrance door, natural creeper plants or blooming vines may be used to create a fresh atmosphere that can also be used for a breakfast date. To add to the Valentine’s Day feel, hang a DIY heart decoration on the door with a floral wreath.

Decorate your sofa with red or pink cushions and a center table.

The most remarkable talks take place in living rooms. As a result, living room DIY decorations play an important position in our collection of Valentine’s Day décor ideas. If your living room has a nice couch or a tufted sofa, the major décor aspect is taken care of! Simply add some pink or pastel pillows to the sofa and some room décor to complete the look. If you have a center table, you may put some flowers on it as well as any memorable images. Then, to lighten the atmosphere, work on the couch’s backdrop, where you may hang some handmade heart-shaped artwork or origami in the shapes of birds and flowers. A ‘Happy Valentine’s’ centerpiece for the living room is also available. While you may use your ordinary light shade drapes in the living room, anything in lavender or pink will look fantastic in your Valentine’s Day room.

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Roses encapsulated in ice

Rose candlesticks, flowers, and elegant dinnerware make a lovely tablescape.

We all know that the stomach is the gateway to one’s heart. So, in your DIY valentine’s day room decorations, don’t forget to appreciate the importance of tasty cuisine! You must, however, set up an appealing tabletop design in addition to superb cuisine. This one is for you if you believe in subtlety and understatement in whatever you do. Arrange flowers and a pastel-colored tablescape on your dining table. Taper candles, a flowery centerpiece all great for this. If you want to go for a more dramatic look, add brilliant red accessories or décor to the table. You may also create a restaurant-style comfortable supper ambiance by using the correct set of dim and romantic table lights. You can also update your dining chairs by purchasing a set of matching table and chair coverings as well as some plush cushions. You may go for a more subtle setup for a breakfast or lunch date, but if you’re planning an evening dinner date, don’t be afraid to throw in some dramatic shocks.

Lights add to the mood – here is how Earth Hour was celebrated with gorgeous lighting

Use unusual lamps and fairy lights to adorn your balcony.

We realize that this is a little too specialized, given that not everyone has the privilege of a nice balcony. However, if you have one, it should be at the top of your list of DIY Valentine’s Day room decorations! You can have it all: flowers, plants, fairy lights, a cozy couch, and eccentric table lamps. Hanging flower pots and blossoming vines will bring nature to your balcony. If your balcony is large enough to accommodate a small bed, add a canopy type bed to create your ideal private retreat! Decorate your balcony swing with plant creepers and fairy lights if you have one. Daytime picnics and private chats may both be enjoyed on a balcony date. Yes, there should be some calm love music playing in the background. Always keep in mind that scent and music are important elements in designing romantic Valentine’s Day room decorations.

Using pastel colored bed linen in your bedroom is a simple hack.

Your bedroom is the place where you can go all out with romantic design. You can choose from red or lavender bed linens. You may also use lace or flowery patterned bedspreads with flower petals and candles as design elements around them. You may also complement the blanket with a soft textured floor mat in the same color. We have a bedroom design that is both easy and spectacular in our selection of DIY valentine’s day room decor ideas. It’s impossible to go wrong with a pastel-toned room design and DIY heart-shaped table crafts. You may use hand-printed lampshades with an old school study table light. Remember to coordinate the bedroom curtains with the rest of the decor. There are plenty more methods to personalize your romantic bedroom décor according to your preferences and personality. A short tip: add ornamental details that make your partnership feel more unique.

hand-made craft

You might also try making some art to wow your partner.

Handmade craft objects appear to be the most romantic. So, make your partner feel extra special with DIY art pieces for homemade Valentine’s Day decorations. While the most of the room decorations for this particular day will take care of the full setup, this point will focus on the romance. Simple DIY craft decor components such as a paper ‘LOVE’ banner or handwritten love messages can be incorporated. Handmade craft objects appear to be the most romantic. So, for handmade Valentine’s Day decorations, make your sweetheart feel extra special with DIY art pieces. While the most of the room decorations for this particular day will take care of the full setup, this point will focus on the romance. Simple DIY craft decor components such as a paper ‘LOVE’ banner or handwritten love messages can be incorporated.

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Room Decorations for Valentine’s Day with Lights

With the right lighting, you can enhance the romance this Valentine’s Day. It shouldn’t be too bright or too dark. Select lighting that complements your amorous mood. Some of your Christmas decorations, particularly the copper string lights you tucked away after the holidays, can be used. If you want to make your own lighting decorations, you might make heart-shaped balloons and wrap them with wool and fairy lights. Feel free to experiment and use lights to customize your environment in a variety of ways. You might also make some hand-painted lamps and fragrant candles from scratch. Dimmer ceiling lights or hanging lamps with warm led lights can be used in the dining room. Choose wall hanging lights to beautify the region behind the headboard in your bedroom.

So, there you have it! With these easy yet eccentric DIY room decorating ideas for February 14th, we just spiced up your 2022 Valentine’s preparations. We have some great handcrafted and romantic choices for you, whether you want to keep things simple or spice things up a little! So, start preparing ahead of time and prepare to decorate your home for the big day. Finally, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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