5 Rituals To Boost Your Chances Of Finding Love On Valentine’s Day

5 Rituals To Boost Your Chances Of Finding Love On Valentine’s Day

Casting a love spell to snare your Valentine might seem a bit far-fetched, says Aussie psychic and counsellor Rose Smith.

But by incorporating a few easy rituals into the time leading up to Valentine’s Day, Rose, below, believes you can increase your chances of finding love come February 14.

Rose Smith shares love rituals

“It’s important to get yourself ready before trying to attract a new partner – we pull in a reflection of the energy we pull out – so if we’re not ready then we can actual repel potential partners, or keep pulling in the wrong ones,” believes Rose, who runs a network of 70 psychics across Australia and overseas called Absolute Soul Secrets.

“We need to make ourselves ready magnetically so we can bring in the right person and this can be done through the following rituals.”

1. Put your mind to it

The time just before you fall asleep at night is really powerful, send a question about finding love out to the universe when you are in that zone – the signs will follow.

2. Purge yourself of old partners

If the energy of old sexual partners is lingering – even unintentionally – this will get in the way of new relationships. To clear this from your life, write the name of the person you want to cut ties with on a piece of paper. Then imagine that you are cutting them out of your life as you are cutting the paper; then burn the paper to be sure.

3. Get clear on what’s important

Don’t narrow your chances of finding a partner by having too comprehensive a list of pre-requisites– often the right person isn’t going to tick all the boxes that you thought were important.

4. Call on the Pagan Goddess

Bring in the power all three goddess to find love – the Virgin because you want to be one in yourself and not looking to fill a personal hole; the Mother for creation (or if you’re trying to conceive); and the wisdom of the Crone to pick the right person. Just proceed carefully as the goddess energy is strong.

5. Dress for success

When looking for love, surround yourself in pink – this is the heart chakra – and green, which symbolises earthly or physical love. Where most singles go wrong with their relationship, is they are so busy looking to attract a partner that they leave little time for actually getting themselves prepared for it.