Susie Burrell’s Top Tips For A Successful Diet Reset

Susie Burrell’s Top Tips For A Successful Diet Reset
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Jun 15, 2015

Beware of fad diets that promise the world but are unsustainable long term, says leading Australian dietitian Susie Burrell.

Diets that require you to cut out entire food groups, spend countless hours in the kitchen cooking or need you to quit things just add extra pressure and stress into already busy lives. If the goal is weight loss this Spring, Susie simply recommends following a nutrient rich, lower calorie plan packed with plenty of fresh foods and free of processed foods to give your body a diet reset, the right way.

“A reset offers an opportunity to refocus and establish some clear diet or fat loss goals, and can empower you to concentrate on making healthy choices daily. It can be done any time that you feel your diet needs an overhaul,” says Susie.

“As a result, you can feel refreshed, reenergised and lighter as your body rids itself of excessive fluid it tends to accumulate when too much salt and fatty food is eaten on a daily basis.”

Research shows that we are more likely to stick with a new diet regime long term if we see results quickly – whether that be weight loss or simply feeling lighter and more energetic.

With her focus on eating for health and wellbeing, Susie promotes a holistic approach that targets all aspects of diet, exercise and the psychology of weight loss via her online program Shape Me. Shape Me gives followers dietary plans that are easy to implement and that can be adjusted based on individuals dietary preferences. It is also the only online program that caters for specific dietary needs such as gluten free, insulin resistance and low FODMAP’s diets.

In preparation for your own diet reset, Susie emphasises the importance of planning and has offered the following top tips:

1. Focus on vegetables

Simply replacing one meal each day with a salad, veggie juice or soup with help you drop a few kg quickly and the right way.


2. Cut the liquid calories

Whether it is the milk in coffee; juice in smoothies or alcohol, liquid calories are of no help when it comes to weight control. This means we have to be strict – water, plain black coffee or tea.

3. Snack consciously

Most of us snack too frequently. Limit snacking to just 1-2 occasions each day and ensure snacks are 100-200 calories at most.

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4. Take lunch seriously

Not getting the right balance at lunch explains many dietary issues. Plan to eat a good meal by 1pm each day and make sure it contains carbs, proteins and salad or veggies.


5. Keep dinner small

The later we eat, the smaller our dinner needs to be. A light grill with salad, small piece of meat or fish and vegetables or an entrée sized serve of pasta or rice.

Launched in 2014, Shape Me teaches members to eat well by balancing food groups and understanding portion control. For more information visit www.shapeme.com.au

What are some of your top tips for a successful diet reset? Tell us below…


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