Nutritionist Bec Gawthorne’s Top Tips On Improving Your Dietary Fibre

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Oct 25, 2022

When was the last time you really assessed your fibre intake? Dietitian & Nutritionist Bec Gawthorne says you may be surprised at how little you are consuming, not to mention the lack of fibre variety in your diet.

The recommended intake of dietary fibre each day is 30g for men and 25g for women. With the increase in diet trends including low carbohydrate diets that restrict many fibre- rich foods and the paleo diet that eliminates grains, as well as the commonality of inadequate fruit and vegetable intake coupled with highly processed dietary habits, Bec says most adults aren’t consuming enough fibre.

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“It’s not just the quantity of fibre that’s important,” says Bec. “The types of fibre are also very relevant when we’re looking to optimise our health, as they play various roles in the body.”

”Everyone needs to make incorporating fibre into their diet a daily habit,” says Bec, which she admits is not always an easy task. “Our busy, modern lifestyles and sometimes, suboptimal dietary choices, means consuming the recommended 25-30g of fibre every day can be a challenge. That’s why I often encourage people to consider taking a quality fibre supplement alongside making key lifestyle changes.”

A new natural fibre supplement Bec swears by is Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre. This is an ideal supplement if you don’t eat enough fibre throughout your day and you need a top up of all the good stuff, explains Bec.

“I love products that have evidence-backed health claims and use natural ingredients with no hidden nasties. Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre ticks these nutritionist-approved boxes as well as tasting delicious.

“Containing all functional dietary fibre types, it helps balance gut microflora and improve overall gut health and is super easy to incorporate into your diet.”

Bec suggests the best way to enjoy the Multi-fibre powder is in a glass of cold water (it’s got a great, natural flavour), or in a nutrient-packed smoothie as an energy- boosting breakfast or a sweet afternoon treat.

Bec Gawthorne shares 3 of her top daily fibre habits

No matter how “clean” your diet is, Bec says we can all benefit from prioritising fibre. “Making one or two tweaks can reap long-term benefits. Instead of overhauling your entire diet, I recommend taking smaller steps, so these become everyday habits.”

drink water
Drink plenty of water to improve your dietary fibre

Here, Bec shares her top 3 daily habits you can make to optimise your fibre intake and enhance your overall diet.

1. Begin your day with a glass of water. Water is essential for healthy digestion and removal of wastes from our body. If you’re increasing your fibre intake, ensuring you’re adequately hydrated is especially important to avoid digestive upset.

Try eating more spinach spinach to improve your dietary fibre

2. Prioritise consuming mostly whole foods and eating fibre-rich produce in abundance. We’re all time poor, so focusing on simple swaps and dietary add-ons can be an effective way to increase your fibre. Think adding spinach or seeds to your smoothie, add one more cup of leafy greens to your plate or swap refined white breads and pasta for a whole grain bread and pulse pasta. Keep it simple and achievable.

Eating more fibre for a better health gut

3. Make sure prebiotic fibres feature in your daily diet to restore and nourish the gut microbiome. These are non-digestible fibres that fuel the healthy bacteria in your gut so they can thrive and function optimally. If you’re experiencing digestive upset such as bloating associated with high FODMAP foods (many of which are prebiotics), Bec recommends using a low FODMAP certified supplement such as Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre and focus on supporting and repairing the gut with a health practitioner.

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