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Exclusive Chat With Base Body Babes, Diana & Felicia
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Jul 13, 2016

They live and breathe health and fitness and help women all over the world to become stronger, healthier and happier. At the time of writing, their Instagram account had 628,000 followers!

We sat down with the Base Body Babes girls and asked them about their cheat meals, favourite music and picked up some great tips on the way!

Tell us about your morning routine

Diana: Coffee first, I can’t start my day without a long black. Once I have my coffee I get stuck into my work on the computer first, catching up on emails before heading onto the gym floor to train my babes and myself.

Felicia: Wake up, get my daughter ready for school, school drop offs and straight to the gym to check in with our staff and get started with work on the computer. I eat my breakfast at my desk.

What’s it like always working with your sister?

Diana: It’s the best! Not only are we family, we are best friends and who wouldn’t want to hang out with their best friend everyday doing what they love! Plus, who else can you trust more than your own family?

Felicia: It’s awesome! We have a great synergy, I am the creative head and my sister is the business head and together we know our strengths and work well together to create some pretty cool things.


Do you have any tips for anyone trying to get in the mindset of an athlete?

Diana: Focus on progression – the body must continuously be challenged in order for it to change and develop. If you keep doing what the body can already do, the body doesn’t need to change. If you want to make a change to your body, you need to learn how to progress in the gym and challenge your body to do what it can’t do. We like to change workout programs every four weeks to prevent the body from adapting and plateauing. Every week you should aim to achieve more than you did the week before. Set goals and do your best to reach them.

Felicia: Follow a program. The best way to get results is to get a great training program (we recommend a weights based one for best results and to truly shape your body) and ensure you are always progressing. We like to change workout programs every four weeks to prevent the body from adapting and plateauing. If you are always going to the gym and doing the same thing, you will most probably not be achieving the results you are after. If you are unsure of what to do in the gym and you need some guidance, employ a professional to help you achieve your goals, it will make a huge difference.

What is your go-to post-workout meal?

Diana: A protein shake. I like Bare Blends Whey protein, frozen banana, probiotic, vanilla bean, water and ice after my workouts.

Felicia: A protein smoothie. I am preferring pea protein at the moment as whey is not sitting well in my stomach. I generally blend up coconut water, frozen banana, Amazonia Raw Protein powder and their Pre- probiotic powder as a great post workout refuel.


What are your favourite tracks to get you in the zone when working out?

Diana: I love house music and R & B. My current fave tune to train to is One Dance by Drake

Felicia: I’m not too fussy when it comes to music. I just listen to whatever playlists Diana and my husband play in the gym, they are really into their music. I generally like RnB and top 40 music.

What is your favourite place to go for a cheat meal & what do you each order?

Diana: I love pizza, but I haven’t found a place that makes a good gluten free one, so I make my own at home. It’s not something that I do often, because it is time consuming, but when I do, they are so delicious.

Felicia: We don’t really do cheat meals, but if we eat out, I love hot chips. My favourite restaurant would probably be Rockpool, where I have a big steak and chips with loads of yummy sides, they do this amazing creamed corn and roasted sweet potato dish.


What did you most love about shooting in Bondi with Cotton On Body?

Diana: We had an absolute ball shooting with the Cotton On team and of course it is always so much fun shooting on location with my sis; we jump in the car together, pump the music and sing as we hop from location to location.

Felicia: We grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, so it was so nice to be able to shoot aongside the amazing beaches that we have spent most of our lives hanging out at.



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