A Nutritionist’s Introduction to Weight Loss & Philosophy

A Nutritionist’s Introduction to Weight Loss & Philosophy

Bannie Williams



Each of my clients come to see me for a variety of nutritional needs. However, the most consistent goal of my clients is weight loss.

Unlike many weight loss diets, my approach is based on nourishment, not restriction. It is about shifting thoughts away from categorizing foods from being “good or bad”, to perceiving them as a variety of tools which can fine- tune, fuel and nurture our bodies the way we want it to look, feel and perform.

What we eat today, determines how we feel and look tomorrow. It is about counting nutrients, not calories and this approach has been proven effective by the exceptional results my clients have had by following it.

My approach to weight loss is based on viewing three fundamental components which I refer to as ‘the key ingredients’, as a whole. These include:

• Nutrition
• Balance
• Movement

By ensuring each of these key ingredients is a priority in your life, it will not only assist you in reaching your nutritional and weight-loss goals, it will ensure that you sustain and maintain your goals once they have been reached.