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Prince’s Purple Paradise: The Extraordinary Story Of The King Of Pop’s Former Mansion

Prince, mansion, LA

Certainly one of the more spoken about paint jobs in the LA region, the Beverly Hills-based mansion originally owned by NBA-star Carlos Boozer, was re-painted to purple by Prince in 2005 back when he lived there decades ago. The colourful luxurious mansion, which was also once the home of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, is now for sale at USD$29.995 million.

Behind this mansion lies an extraordinary story. Fifteen years ago when Boozer was traded to the Utah Jazz in a big-money move, he decided that he wanted a beautiful home with a tennis court in the shining sun of Southern California. He bought all the furniture and decorated it the way that he liked. Shortly after, Prince came in with an offer of $95,000 a month to lease the property for a year. A tough offer to turn down.

Little did Boozer know that Prince would later go on to remove all the original, very expensive furnishings in the house replacing it all with his signature purple colours. The home gym was transformed into a disco dance floor (obviously), and the bedrooms became a hair salon and a massage parlour.

How else would he keep his hair flawless?

Even the driveway leading up to the house was completely purple.

Prince, mansion, LA, purple

Upon discovering this, Boozer threatened to sue Prince. But after returning everything to the way it was (except the colour of the mansion itself), Boozer dropped the lawsuit. After the incident, they became best friends until Prince’s death in 2016.

Today, the 10-bedroom mansion with 13 baths, a ballroom, wine room, large terraces with views on the city and ocean, a rooftop tennis court and a pool is for sale and is worth a massive $29.995 million.

Watch Carlos Boozer tell the story himself:

Written by Emeric Brard

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