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Facebook Keeping People Informed And Connected During COVID-19


After Facebook’s recent announcement of its $20 million donation to support COVID-19 relief efforts, a further two announcements have been made that will help people stay connected and informed throughout the pandemic with additions to both Facebook and Messenger. 

Australian Information Centre

Users will now be able to access the Australian Information Centre right from Facebook – a hub where people can find the latest information and resources from reliable health sources that include ways to stay safe and hygienic during the pandemic.

Facebook, COVID-19

The hub also features best practices for prevention and what to do when you’re not feeling well, as well as tips for staying connected while social distancing. Users can follow the COVID-19 information hub to receive regular notifications regarding new updates and pieces of information from local and health authorities.

The Information Centre can be found here and at the top of your News Feed.

Facebook Messenger’s Information Hub

Facebook Messenger is also launching a hub that keeps the community connected at all times. The Information Hub will provide users with: 

  • Best practices for community leaders, educators, and small businesses to remain connected to their people during times of uncertainty
  • Ways for parents to keep their kids socially involved with their peers through Messenger Kids – Parents can set up virtual playdates in a safe and fun environment with Messenger Kids
  • How to avoid common scams and imposters that may try to capitalize on the COVID pandemic – check out this video on common internet scams and how to avoid them on common internet scams and how to avoid them.

Messenger urges users to stay connected during this period via group chats, group video calls, and your story.

More information on the Messenger Hub can be found here

Written by Emeric Brard

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