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Aussies Concerned About Rising Energy Use And Costs

Australians overwhelmingly believe that our homes are not energy efficient and are concerned about rising energy use and costs.

According to a new report by Mitsubishi Electric, only 15% of Australians believe their home is extremely energy efficient. In fact, the majority of Australians (88%) are concerned about the impact our energy usage has on the environment.

Australians are aware they need to improve their energy behaviour to help the environment.

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Since our last national study in 2018, Australian consumers continue to focus heavily on energy consumption…” said Jeremy Needham, Executive Director, Mitsubishi Electric Australia

Shockingly, Aussie households are the second biggest consumers of energy after the manufacturing sector.

An example of this is with air conditioning in Australian homes. Many believe that A/C units are the second biggest energy users, yet 20% have a habit of leaving it on when no one’s home, and 22% often leave the windows open and letting cold air out.

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Leaving a medium-sized A/C unit turned on for 24 hours can cost up to $10 a day, which during a three-month scorching Summer can make up to $1000 at that rate.

Written by Emeric Brard


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