3 Organisations Giving Back To Communities In Need During COVID-19

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Here at The Carousel we like to give credit where credit is due and that’s why we are giving a shout out to some of those companies stepping up to help support charities around Australia who are most in need during these challenging times.

Despite COVID-19 presenting one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations in Australia, these three brands are using their platform to rally much-needed support for charities nationwide.

Adelaide Venue Management

As part of one of the worst impacted industries by COVID-19, Adelaide Venue Management (AVM), which manages the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium, is assisting community catering organisations in South Australia as demand for their services soars due to COVID-19.

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Adelaide Convention Centre and Adelaide Entertainment Centre is repurposing its commercial kitchens to make up to 10,000 healthy and nutritious meals a day for organisations including Meals on Wheels SA, enabling them to continue delivering food for South Australia’s most vulnerable, while also providing important work to keep AVM’s full-time staff engaged.

The organisation’s goodwill will keep about 60 people in jobs that may otherwise be on Jobseeker Centrelink payments. Foodbank SA will use their refrigerated vehicles to collect meals from AVM and transport to them to Meals on Wheels SA’s main distribution points.


As a direct result of COVID-19, Foodbank Australia has called for support after experiencing a 50% increase in demand for food relief, while simultaneously struggling to meet fulfillment demand as 60% of their 250 volunteers are older people more vulnerable to illnesses

World-leading percussive therapy device, Theragun, has announced it will be slashing the prices of its devices by $110 for Australian and New Zealand customers, and will also be donating a portion of every device sold to Foodbank. 

Theragun, recovery

Theragun believes that behind every company is its community of people. During these especially difficult and uncertain times, Theragun will donate a portion of the proceeds of every sale to Foodbank, an organisation that works with the entire Australian food and grocery sector including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers to address the pressing issue of hunger in Australia. 

Foodbank provides food relief for 815,000 Australians per month through a network of 2,400 charities and 2,000 school breakfast programs. In recent weeks Foodbank has experienced a stark increase in demand for food relief as a direct impact of COVID-19, they need our support now more than ever.


Nestlé has announced it will donate a minimum of $2 million worth of products to Australians in need. 

To support those vulnerable at this time, Nestle will be giving A$500k worth of product each fortnight for the next two months to Foodbank. The donation includes coffee, cereals, meal bases and pet food, which will be distributed through Foodbank’s 2400 charity agencies.

The confectionery giant also has extended its 10-year partnership with Role Models and Leaders Australia, which oversees a school program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls, Girls Academy. Nestlé will also donate foods to 43 at-risk remote Indigenous communities.

Written by Emeric Brard

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