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Kim Kardashian’s Mad For Them. Here IV League Drips Founder Rosy McEvedy Explains Why

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After discovering the popularity of IV Vitamin Drips in the States, Rosy McEvedy decided to bring this new phenomenon to Sydney, Australia, and launched IV League Drips. As Sydney’s very first fully mobile and medically-supported IV (Intravenous) service – meaning within the veins – IV League Drips will administer essential vitamins via infusion to combat fatigue, increase energy, stimulate metabolism, balance hormones, give off a healthy glow, recover from workouts and boost immune systems.

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Rosy McEvedy – founder of IV League Drips – has over five years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

How did you get started? And when did it start? How popular is it?

IV League Drips started in 2018 when I discovered the efficacy of integrative approaches in medicine and the importance of focusing on preventative measures rather than solely treatment, whilst I was travelling overseas. After extensive research, I realised that integrative medicine was quite unfamiliar in Australia. Due to the lack of familiarity, awareness of administering vitamins and minerals intravenously, and more generally alternate approaches to medicine, the domestic market was slow until we were able to educate and create awareness of the benefits behind our services. Now, it’s safe to say that people are in love with it, the demand for our services has increased substantially and we are growing faster than ever!

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IV health treatments are popular with Hollywood stars

Celebrities such as the Kardashians use IV health treatments. Who else? How much comes from word of mouth?

We see people from all walks of life – the corporate world, fitness fanatics, wellness warriors and stay at home mums. We have an extensive range of clients with very different lifestyles and needs! Our current clients include renowned individuals such as Dr Sean Hall (founder of MedLab Clinical), Dolores Lavin (founder of DLMAU), Alannah Walton (Victoria Secret Model), and many more!

Do you think we focus too much on cure rather than prevention?

I firmly believe that by focusing on prevention and enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, as well as providing access to these preventative measures, we would benefit greatly as a community. I think the secret to great health is to fall in love with living a healthier lifestyle now, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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What are the most popular treatments and how does it work?

Our most popular drip is the Limitless Elite. It is packed with vitamin C, Glutathione, B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), Zinc, Magnesium, Inositol, and Hydration to help optimise mental functioning, improve hydration, and assist with detoxification of the whole body. It definitely is a crowd favourite and good all-rounder! 

How often do you recommend taking the treatment?

It varies between individuals depending on why they are wanting to boost their health. Generally speaking, ideally you should do the IV vitamin drips every 2-3 weeks.

You do a weight loss treatment. How does that work?

We have a couple of weight loss options. Our most popular are the slim down shots which consists of a set of intramuscular injections over 2-4 weeks. This works by targeting fat and using it for energy, speeding up the metabolism by optimising your own body’s energy production pathway. However, this must be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise as a deficit of calories is what causes weight loss, this program just assists in speeding up the process. 

Our other weight loss program is the HCG program. This is a very established and intense weight loss program which includes a scripted injection of HCG and a specialised diet plan. We have seen great results with this, but it does require an extensive medical background check and a strict diet plan.

Tell us about what else you offer

We offer more than 15 types of services ranging from IV vitamin drips, intermuscular shots, and booster shots. We also offer micronutrient testing which is an innovative health screening solution that allows us to tailor our treatments and build a personalised plan as it identifies nutritional deficiencies and issues that may not otherwise have be discovered.

Bioidentical Hormone therapy is quickly becoming one of our most popular services. Hormone imbalances are a very common underlying factor for symptoms such as fatigue, stubborn weight loss, sleep deprivation, and many more. We strive to understand the underlying cause of these issues for our patients. Sometimes vitamin deficiency is not the answer so we also provide access to hormonal testing and treatments which can alleviate these problematic symptoms.

Visit for more details. The Limitless Elite service costs $289.

Written by Robyn Foyster

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