How To Enjoy A Guilt-Free Christmas

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Donna Aston


Dec 03, 2023

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is almost here! Like most Aussies, it’s my favourite day of the year; a time to gather with family, exchange gifts and enjoy a delicious Christmas feast. And, did you know, you can enjoy Christmas without piling on the kilos, getting heartburn or waking at 2am because your sugar levels spike from all the alcohol you drank?

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Here are my five easy tips to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas

  1. Firstly, make sure you enjoy your Christmas lunch and don’t worry too much about food! It’s a great time to appreciate a long, leisurely lunch with your family and long-lost relatives. But be mindful about your serving sizes. If there’s food in the centre of the table, serve yourself the best options, eat slowly and make a deal with yourself not to go back for a second helping. Appreciate the company of your family around you so your brain has time to catch up with your full stomach.
  • On Christmas Day, skip dinner that night, and then breakfast on Boxing Day – making your next meal brunch or lunch the next day. Trust me, you won’t be hungry! Fasting is a great way for your body to return to normal. Your insulin levels will drop and you’ll experience an extra burst of growth hormone, preserving your muscle and helping you access stored fat. 
  • Christmas Day is a whirlwind of celebrations. Make sure you enjoy a glass or two of good quality champagne but don’t go overboard, or your liver will not thank you the next day! Remember to drink a glass of water in between a glass of wine at lunch, and you will stay in control. Remember,  it’s always best to consume any alcohol with your meal.
  • How about a refreshing walk after your long lunch? Take your family, friends and relatives to the local park, or do a leisurely stroll around the block. The dog will also thank you! Walking after a meal can help your body to better manage a glucose spike from a large meal.
  • When I plan Christmas lunch I always include the Aussie favourites: turkey, fresh local prawns and fresh berries and cherries with whipped cream. I also have delicious salads, baked fish and fresh fruit so my guests can enjoy a lunch which is not only delicious but healthy. Forget bread rolls – you don’t need them – and limit starchy vegetables such as potato and pumpkin. If you can find a nitrate-free ham, it’s far better from a health perspective. An array of delicious, crispy salads, turkey and fresh seafood always make for a memorable feast.


By Donna Aston


Donna Aston is one of Australia's top nutritionists and is passionate about improving the health of Australians. She developed the online program AstonRX, which focuses on improving metabolic function and gut health. See Donna at



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