How This Aussie Woman Lost 43kg In Her Sleep!

How This Aussie Woman Lost 43kg In Her Sleep!
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Oct 25, 2016

Dangerously overweight at 115kg, she’d just been told that the only way to get her life back on track was to undergo invasive lap-band surgery.

“I walked out crying; I couldn’t believe it had come to that,” said Dearne, 43.

In an 11th hour bid to dodge the expensive procedure, Dearne agreed to try hypnotherapy with Mark Stephens at Little Forest Health Retreat near Mollymook, NSW.

Best known for shedding more than 200kg off Australia’s fattest man Jordan Tirekidis, Mark combines hypnosis with motivation and meditation techniques to get people moving and eating healthy

The very next day after attending Mark’s first session, Dearne started exercising and hasn’t looked back, dropping a life-saving 43kg in just eight months.

“People keep telling me I must have had a lap band, but it was Mark’s hypnosis that saved my life,” said a now 72kg Dearne.

“It wasn’t a diet, it changed the way I felt about myself.”

Before Mark’s intervention, the comfort-eating addict hadn’t exercised for six years and tried every weight-loss trick on the market, including at one point, the Israeli Army diet.

“I would start a diet but I would always know it wouldn’t last.”

Dearne says her undoing was always the food; mainly bread, chocolate and mountains of cheese.

“I could eat a whole two litre of chocolate ice-cream in one go. I’d often stop in at McDonalds at 3pm, then go home and eat for three hours non-stop while watching TV or on the phone.”

Today, the woman who was only recently too ashamed to go out in public says her lifestyle has changed in every way.

She’s at the gym and walking nearly every day, and bursting with newfound energy.

“I’m more social, and I have lots more self-esteem at work.

“I’m travelling again too – I’ve started living life!”

Mark’s 11 best weight-loss secrets

1. Use self-hypnosis to change your mindset

The use of positive self-talk and uplifting affirmations can help you think in a way that supports your goal.

2. Think about what you eat

Start every meal with protein. Protein first reduces hunger and cravings by reducing the amount of insulin released by the pancreas. Repeat, ‘I am tomorrow what I eat today, before each meal that’s what I say’.

3. Reduce your portion size

Rather than stuffing yourself with a massive serve cut the meal in half and watch the fat start to melt away as you become slim.

4. Focus on what you want

Think of your goal often. Repeat, ‘I stay focussed on my goal and the body I deserve and it all boils down to each meal that I serve’.

5. Eat clean to be lean

Choose healthy fresh foods to give your body the nutrition it needs and reduce or eliminate refined, processed, starchy foods. Repeat, ‘I only eat what my body needs like protein, salad, veges and seeds’.

6. Visualise your success

Use your imagination and start to see yourself as the slim, fit, healthy person you want to be.

7. Move more

The more active you are the more fat you burn. Repeat, ‘whether it’s a walk a swim or a sport I play I aim to be active twice every day’.

8. Put yourself first

Start looking after the most important person in the world.

9. Drink more water

Much of the time when you think you are hungry your body is craving water. Between meals repeat to yourself, ‘Not hungry, thirsty, drink more water, drink more water, drink more water. The more I drink the more I shrink’.

10. Drink green tea or herbal teas

You can drink green tea and herbal teas all day long and put on no weight. Repeat, ‘between each meal I stay snack free, between each meal I drink water or tea’.

11Unlock your mind power

Start to think slim and use the power of your mind. Your stomach will tell you when you are full. Just stop eating.


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