What Your Dad’s Celebrity Star Sign Reveals

Your Dad's Celebrity Star Sign Revealed!
Hedy Damari


Sep 30, 2021

Your Dad’s Celebrity Star Sign

Energetic, fun-loving and enthusiastic, the Aries dad effortlessly takes care of his brood without ever feeling as though it is a chore. Full of mischief and excitement there’s never a dull moment when he’s around and he enjoys making his family laugh. Bold and adventurous the Aries dad will always encourage his children to have fun while doing their best and to suck the marrow out of life!

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Fit bit, stunt driving course, chilli hamper, GoPro Hero, retro arcade machine, Vintage T-shirt, joggers.

Celebrity Dad Robert Downy Jr., Paul Rudd, Ewan McGregor.

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David Beckham

Patient, grounded and supportive Taurus dads are fabulous father material! They are firm yet loving, observant without interfering and instil a sense of pride and honesty in their children. Responsible, reliable and protective Taurus dads will never miss a match or school play if they can help it and will always have time to help with homework, listen and offer sound advice.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
BBQ or indoor griller, home beer brewing kit, jetpack flight, iPhone multi tool case, power tools, monogrammed beer, spirits or wine glass.

Celebrity Dad Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham.

Amber Heard and domestic violence
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Expressive, quick-witted and good humoured these dads are the ones their children’s friends want to hang around with because they’re cool, vivacious and young at heart. Always armed with a joke or intriguing story Gemini fathers are also a font of information. Enjoying change and valuing education, he will always encourage his children to embrace new situations and broaden their knowledge.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Mobile device Smart Strap, Lumosity app, leather monogrammed journal, streaming music starter set, book voucher, kindle.

Celebrity Dad Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Peter Dinklage.

Compassionate, demonstrative and understanding the Cancer father is really mum and dad rolled into one! He will gladly take on all of the roles of his partner and, if circumstances allow, happily stay at home and raise the children. Family is everything to him and he will do all that is in his power to ensure his home is a happy haven with an endless supply of hugs and reassurance.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Framed family portrait, personalised jigsaw puzzle, walking food tour, Daddy Diaper Bag, molecular gastronomy cookbook, sport foosball table.

Celebrity Dad Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise, Tobey Maguire.

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Flamboyant, majestic and ever so cool, the Leo dad is the superhero of the zodiac instilling their children with admiration and awe. With his generosity, playful manner and larger than life personality his offspring will often emulate and strive to be just like him. Reassuring, affectionate and devoted Leos are naturals with children and will always make an effort to ensure their offspring feel special.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
State of the art coffee maker, engraved whiskey glass, deep sea fishing trip, plush bathrobe, camera drone, skincare kit.

Celebrity Dad Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Worthington.

Dedicated, nurturing and responsible, children bring out the best in these analytical, organised dads. It’s in a Virgo’s nature to be of assistance so nothing makes him happier than when he’s helping with homework or teaching children to ride a bike. These guys are outcome-oriented and will always bring out the best in their children by encouraging them to give tasks their all but in kind and supportive way.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Nutri bullet, valet stand, satellite radio, organic wine gift basket, coffee table book, emergency LED flashlight.

Celebrity Dad Jack Black, Adam Sandler, Guy Ritchie.

Hugh Jackman, Fitness
Hugh Jackman

Diplomatic, sociable and good-natured the Libran dad is the peace maker of the family and the one with the ability to see everyone’s point of view. He is easy going but as the upholder of justice will see red if his children are subjected to bullying or any sort of unpleasantness. Similarly he will impart his children with kindness and morality teaching them right from wrong at a tender age.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Leather jacket, fair trade alpaca scarf, iPhone pong reach case, Voombox, Tracker device for misplaced keys and phone, tablet wall mount dock.

Celebrity Dad Will Smith, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman.

Intense and protective but also mischievous and cheeky the Scorpio dad is a big kid who connects with his children through humour and pranks. He instils high standards in his children and expects them to do their best, but also makes them feel empowered and assertive. Affectionate, loyal and dependable his influence will ensure that your children are assertive, confident and strong.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Leather satchel, chess set, latest Xbox console, speed radar detector, Game of Thrones T-shirt, Wi-Fi video monitor surveillance camera.

Celebrity Dad Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Ethan Hawke.

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Optimistic, intrepid and knowledgeable the Saggie dad is a swashbuckler, philosopher and tour guide rolled into one! His ‘cup half full’ philosophy is contagious and responsible for raising children with resilient, easy going and cheerful personality traits. Although he has fair boundaries he’ll rarely say, “no” and will encourage his children to treat life as one big adventure!

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Helicopter flight, fishing rod, South American BBQ cooking classes, antique-looking world map, Bill Bryson book, tandem skydive.

Celebrity Dad Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Judd Apatow.

Capricorns are often seen as being serious and overly disciplined and they are … except when it comes to their children! The Goat also has a reputation of aging in reverse so his offspring are bound to bring out his youthful qualities. He’ll gladly play the goofball but endowed with such a responsible nature he will also inspire his children to be ambitious and possess a strong work ethic.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Leather satchel, Georg Jensen bottle opener or key ring, Apple/Smart watch, gadget hub, wine hamper, cashmere jumper.

Celebrity Dad Orlando Bloom, Denzel Washington, Jude Law.

Eccentric, intelligent and unorthodox the Aquarius dad strives to raise his children in an authentic, unique way. It’s important that he teaches his children to embrace their individuality and dance to the beat of their own drum. Leading by example, he seeks no one else’s approval which effortlessly instils his children with strength of character. He will also teach them to love and respect people from all walks of life.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
3D printer, light aircraft training flight, food dehydrator, paddle boarding classes, hot stone massage, Spanish cooking classes.

Celebrity Dad John Travolta, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Spiritual, sensitive and easy going the Pisces dad acutely feels every spectrum of emotion his children experience. It is a priority for his children to feel safe and loved and he will often show his affection and tell them how much he loves them. Blessed with a rich imagination and a love of music and poetry he will nurture any artistic talents and ensure his children lead a compassionate, soulful existence.

Ideal Gifts For Your Dad
Record player, dolphin watching tour, foot spa, yoga class membership, a ‘mixed’ tape with all of your favourite tunes, easel and sketch pad.

Celebrity Dad Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Bruce Willis.


By Hedy Damari


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