Are you Psychic? 7 Psychic Abilities You Might Have

Are you Psychic? Here Are Seven Psychic Abilities You Might Have
Alison Maiden


Feb 17, 2024

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree. From a simple “gut instinct” through to seeing future events you can develop your natural gifts through meditation, workshops and understanding the gifts you already have! 

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My Psychic abilities

So which of the following most applies to you?

Here are the seven psychic abilities:


Clear seeing: The ability to see or have visions: Clairvoyant mediums have the ability to “see” things presented to them in the Mind’s eye or the Third eye. We see these visions as mental flashes which include pictures of people, scenes, places, objects, spirit, symbols and colours.


Clear Hearing: The ability to “hear” messages from the spirit realm. Messages are being transmitted directly into your mind. At times you may hear a non- descript voice call your name or a mix of voices like listening to a radio.



Sensing emotion: Everyone can sense emotion but Empathic mediums sense or feel emotions from individuals or spirits. You have the ability to access other people’s emotions and can sense their happiness, joy, elation, pride, sadness, anger and fear.


Sensing feeling: This is commonly described as ‘gut feeling’ or intuition. You have the ability to sense and feel emotions from spirit both positive and negative. These feelings are being transmitted by your guides and are clearly different from your own feelings. You can receive warnings this way as in feeling that something is not right or get an excited, elated feeling when something wonderful is about to happen.


Sense of smell: An ability to smell a fragrance or odour that is being transmitted by the spirit. Each time, the people around cannot usually smell the odour. It can be related to the spirit who is sending the message such as smelling cigarettes or pipe tobacco for someone who smoked or the person’s favourite perfume.

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Sense of taste: You can “taste” essences being transmitted by spirit. Spirit can transfer a character or behaviour influence to us and sometimes it comes in the form of a flavour. This is usually something that they loved while they were in body.

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Touch or feeling: This is also known as Psychometry. You are able to receive a message by touching or holding an object in your hands. The object is personal and has the vibration of the owner in the composition or material of the item.

You can tell the personality of the owner and perhaps see, hear or feel situations that are going on around the person, past or present. Psychics usually have one or more of these gifts which can be used on its own or all together, the most common would be clairsentience, nearly everyone would say at some point in their lives they have used the “gut feeling”. One to three is common but it is rare to have all of the psychic senses.

Do you have psychic abilities? Tell us in the comments below!


By Alison Maiden


Alison Maiden is a world famous psychic medium with more than 30 years’ experience working as a medium, healer and teacher. Alison is originally from Adelaide, but recently relocated to Los Angeles where she has embarked on her new career in Hollywood with a TV show in the wings. For more information visit Alison's website at



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  1. More and more often, when I’m reading a message or looking through photos online, a strong smell arrives. It’s never anything that is around me physically, and then I realize it must be the smell of the place I’m looking at in the photos, or the smell of the person I’m talking to. A very strong smell of cigarettes arrived in my bedroom recently, a couple of weeks after my step father died. It was his smell without a doubt.

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