Why This Week Is A Game-Changer For Your Love Life…

Why This Week Is A Game-Changer For Your Love Life...
Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 15, 2015

It’s been a hectic and confusing astrological time over the last month! What with Mercury Retrograde and the Sagittarius Full Moon shaking things up, making us question everything and finally let go of the past. Well, if you’re ready and willing to embrace the change that the last month has set you up for – NOW is the time to do it during the Gemini New Moon. 

New Moon in Gemini June 17, 12:05am (AEST)

The Gemini split is all about the Yin and Yang, the mortal and immortal twins, the right-brain imagination and the left-brain rationality, between knowledge and information. This new moon is powered up for vigorous new beginnings, aggressive shake-ups and courageous matters of the heart. The stars are basically aligned for you to finally embrace the life you want, without fear, without hanging onto the past and with a confidence that fresh starts will take you towards an extraordinary life. For the first time, in a long time, we actually feel ready for change.

But, be warned – the twins are all about the split, about finding the balance between that Yin and Yang. If your head and heart are too stuck in the unconscious world of feelings to articulate exactly what you ‘know’ – you’ll end up stuck in a spiral of delusion. And, if you’re too focussed on your rational side you’ll get stuck in ‘reality’. The key, as with any opposing forces, is to strike a balance. Be aware of what your subconscious is telling you, bring it into your reality with acknowledgement, but without stamping it out with data, facts and figures. It’s about allowing both sides of yourself to come into your awareness and let them pass through you, leaving the balance and the right answers behind.

The last few lunar cycles have been extremely powerful ones where we’ve dealt with past issues that have been holding us back. Whether it’s a relationship you haven’t quite let go of, a career path that needs refocussing, a relocation to a new home or just a shift in perspective that has limiting effects on our lives. We’ve effectively ‘cleared house’ and now it’s time to plant the seeds of change. There’s no more sitting on the fence about this, we now have the chance to REALLY honestly move forward with a clear direction in our hearts and what’s more, we finally have the confidence to do so.

The recent full moon in Sagittarius was all about new beginnings and let’s face it – they can be really, really scary. Sometimes our egos and our fears step in and question whether we’re actually ready for the change. This week in the Gemini New Moon we won’t just think we’re ready for the change of our lives – we will know for certain that we are.

Romantic relationships and long-term career goals (especially those of an entrepreneurial nature) will be the focus here. Gemini is all about taking the information we’ve learned and channelling it into action. Gemini is also quick-thinking and multi-tasking so it’s the perfect time to get cracking on projects you’ve been putting off. It’s also the perfect time to take a leap of faith into something new, you’ve done the hard work letting go, you have a clean slate and now’s the time to embark on making your dreams a reality. Maybe that’s a start-up business you’ve been sitting on for too long, or maybe it’s embracing a new romantic partnership that inspires you onto greater things and the promise of something magical. Now’s not the time to settle for what you know, it’s the time to take a leap of faith into the unknown with your head and your heart aligned.

Gemini is the sign of the ‘Twin Flames’ – which is an important energy of yin/yang and also identical to the symbol ’11’ which has a significant numerological energy within astrology. Do you constantly see ‘11.11’ on the clock? That’s the universe telling you you’re on the right path. This new moon has the ability to really shake things up for you romantically – in the next two weeks things are likely to change in a big way. Mars – the planet of passion, decisive action and urgency, is also hanging out this week – so get ready for some fireworks. While lately we’ve been making slow, deliberate and rational decisions, this week we’re tired of waiting and realise that great things will pass us by if we don’t act!

The future starts today…Get amongst it! We want change, and we want it now.

What change are you embracing in the Gemini Full Moon? Share your experiences below…


By Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Yvette Le Grew is the former Online Editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly, former Head of Digital Content at Westfield & freelance fashion, travel, health & lifestyle writer for titles across the UK, Asia and Australia. Yvette now contributes 'at large' for thecarousel.com.


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