July’s Buck Moon Is A Good Month For Relationships – Here’s Why!

Rose Smith


Jul 20, 2021

July’s full Buck Moon is on its way, and spiritually it’s set to have a big impact on our relationships with both men and women aggressively vying for affections!

 This Saturday’s spectacular Buck Moon (July 24th) is related to male deer – or bucks – as in the northern hemisphere, it’s when they grow their antlers. In Australia, antlers can be growing or cast off at various times of the year, depending on the deer’s location.

Spiritually speaking, the Buck Moon brings themes of strength, ambition, and challenge to both sexes in the human world.

There has been some pretty impressive male energy around for a while now and some men may be seeking to be more noticeable or impressive to women – and it’s no coincidence it’s footy season! We can expect after lockdowns are eased across the country things could heat up even more.

But men aren’t the only ones affected by the Buck Moon – as women have a masculine side too. At this time, we are being challenged to find the balance between male and female energy – and as a result we may be aggressively vying for the affections of men in our romantic sphere.

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season when it appears (hence this month’s Buck Moon) – a name for each full moon allows people to reflect on each season and to contemplate how it affects them and the natural world.

Because the antlers of the male deer are all about testosterone, when they grow and mature, it’s a time when they can fight and impress the females and antlers are pretty mature at the moment.

Big antlers signify the buck being a better fighter – and this attracts does. While we can’t directly relate the animal’s behaviours to ours – the natural world does have parallel effects to our own behaviours. (And let’s also remember in Australia – male kangaroos are bucks!)

So, if women are trying to fall pregnant, the next few months could be the time to try. In Australia, the most common birth month is usually March, making the previous July a fun month!

People do start going out more as Spring approaches, hopefully Sydney and Melbourne will be out of lockdown, and we will get some sense of normality again.

It could be the right time for a new partner, or to think about getting pregnant if you so desire. Generally speaking, men are thriving during this period – you can expect more virility and fertility.

But the Buck Moon isn’t all about “bucking”.

Because we all have a male energy within, it could be a time when a woman goes within herself and becomes more internally focused relying on herself.

Beware though as feelings could easily go the other way and it could be a time when both women and men are more irritable. Use the energy during this time to help fuel your goals and intentions, now is not the time for procrastination.

Do your best to avoid distractions. Ask yourself what small goals can I let go of, so I can prioritize and focus on accomplishing bigger priorities. It’s a time for meditation, self-reflection and dream work.

Buck Moon Spiritual Meaning and Intentions:

  • Abundance
  • Self-reflection
  • Passion
  • Strength
  • Honesty
  • Vigour
  • Leadership
  • Dreamwork

One of the main ways that Spirit works is through relationships.

At the moment there are challenges in relationships because of the full moon and because of the aspect patterns the planets are making in the night sky.

Throughout 2021, Saturn squares Uranus which is causing challenges for people – you could feel blocked energy and aggravation.

It’s also a time for determination… with T Squares formed between Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, we are struggling to manifest our hearts desires, particularly with relationships.

The full moon is in Aquarius in July and as usual will have a bearing on individual star signs.

A full moon always brings some form of transformation for everyone and as Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarians and Capricornians could be especially affected.

The full moon is opposite the Sun in Leo, so Leos could be undergoing some sort of transformation also. Adding to the mix, Venus is in the sixth house, bringing feelings to the fore at work or in everyday life.

Consequently, Aquarians, Capricorns, Taureans and Librans could have problems at work and could be feeling irritable, especially if their romantic feelings are not being reciprocated.

The full moon is in the 11th house so there could be transformational effects in groups of people, friends and connections. Again, the situation can go either way…romantic hopes and dreams could be either unabashed or dashed! Aquarian and Capricornian friends watch out!

Be prepared for tense times. With the Sun in Leo opposite the full moon in Aquarius, there could be clashes about romance or difficulties with creativity. Children could also play up now.

If you’re not in a relationship, give yourself enough self-love, especially if your romantic life is not going smoothly now.

The Sun in Leo quincunx Jupiter in Pisces suggests sometimes you need to adjust things; have a plan, tweak it and tweak it again.

Grand plans face some challenges; you may overestimate your position or be overconfident and there’s a fair bit of emotion going on.

People might also be feeling full of motivation especially Leos and Sagittarians, but there’s difficulty in achieving things on a physical level.

The Buck Moon can bring out carelessness, for example be aware not to lower your dating standards. Women need to put appropriate standards and boundaries in place.

You could settle – but be careful not to. Jupiter also brings over-indulgence, which means people can be excessive with food, alcohol, drugs and spending money.

It’s also a time when the subconscious can bring things to the conscious.

People might not even realise that they are doing that. Their life is being ruled by their subconscious if they’re not careful. However, some good things can also be dished up also.

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By Rose Smith


Rose Smith is a leading Australian spiritualist with more than 20 years’ professional experience working as a psychic, spiritual healer and teacher, and intuitive astrologer. Rose currently runs Absolute Soul Secrets.



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