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December Love Horoscopes Are Spicing Up Your Life

December Love Horoscopes Are Spicing Up Your Life

You’re a sexy dynamo at the best of times but with sexy Venus in your sector of intimacy you’ll be a white hot ball of animal magnetism! If you’re single don’t squander your powers of attraction by staying indoors – flaunt your form at social gatherings, especially with newer circles of friends. Those in relationships will want to intensify your connection and demonstrate your trust either with a ring or by fulfilling a partner’s fantasy.

As an earth sign you tend to avoid drama, preferring to cruise along, at times complacently. This month though with feisty Mars prompting you to be more proactive and ruler Venus stirring up your relationship sector you’ll be up for rocking the boat. The combination of assertiveness and sexiness will compel you to speak your mind, flee an unsatisfying relationship or run off with a handsome stranger. Scorpios and Librans are prime contenders.

Could your love life use a spit shine? This is the month to restore the lustre thanks to the dynamic Sun joining forces with determined Saturn in your relationship sector. These practical and passionate placements are ideal for fine-tuning, making improvements and becoming more aware of each other’s needs. Need to talk? Do so during the first week (when ruler Mercury fosters communication) and make headway with important discussions.

If you’ve been way too serious or intense (a likely story with sensitive Crabs) towards your partner this is the time to show how frivolous and playful you can be. Venus in your sector of lust and romance is enhancing your spontaneity and charisma as well as drawing out your inner thrill seeker so you’ll enjoy leading them astray. Singles, ditch the conservative approach and don’t wait for him to make the first move – be bad and brazen!

Feeling creative? The Sun is filling you with inspiration and imagination so your love life is sure to benefit. Apart from concocting all manner of salacious scenarios you’ll also feel deeply romantic with your partner relishing equal amounts of sugar and spice! If you’re single, trekking beyond your neck of the woods either geographically or socially will introduce you to fresh new and intelligent talent. Look out for fellow Felines and Saggies.

You’re not an open book or one for public displays of affection. However, with charming Venus loosening up your self-expression you’ll be more affectionate and likely to let down your guard. If you haven’t exactly been showing your appreciation to partners this is the perfect time to tell and show them how much you care. With your confidence skyrocketing singles will attract the right sort of partner. Look out for Librans and Taureans.

You’re a sucker for a pretty face as much as the next girl, okay even more. Hey, can you help it if ruler Venus gives you a deep appreciation for beauty?! This month though you’ll only have eyes or rather ears for clever conversation and mental stimulation. You’ll want partners to be witty, humourous and expressive while single Librans will put brains above brawn. If you need to get something off your chest now is the best time to have that discussion.

You’re all that … and then some! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has shifted into your sign bringing her bag of tricks so your ever-present charisma will be well and truly off the charts. You’re bound to show a much softer, romantic side to your partner and if you’re a typically intense Scorpio the presence of Venus will make you more relaxed, playful and tactile. Singles, if you’re only up for playing the field look for Librans.

There’s nothing like birthday celebrations and global good will to get the party started, and with the Sun as well as charming, chatty Mercury energising your sign you’ll charm all and sundry. Partners will enjoy seeing you in your element and sharing the limelight with you. Singles, meanwhile, will thrive on the attention, particularly from those who are great listeners as well as conversationalists. Check out Aries and other Geminis.

You’re more likely to crave companionship rather than over the top lust and romance as Venus brings warmth to your friendship sector. Quality time together discussing books, current affairs or going to the cinema will go a long way to strengthen bonds by reminding you why you like each other. Singles, meanwhile, could make the surprise discovery of a perfect mate who’s been right under your nose or waiting in the wings for the right moment.

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution – confidently hitting on anyone you fancy?! Okay, your boss or best friend’s partner are out of bounds but don’t doubt your pull power, or for one moment think you’re punching above your weight. With sexy Venus visiting your image sector your wow factor will boost your charisma and self-esteem setting a wonderful tone for the year ahead. Couples don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Expect the unexpected! Those of you who are in a steady, loving relationship that’s become a little drab will relish the adventure coming your way. But if your partner doesn’t bring out a bag of surprises instigate a few cheeky changes. Those of you not in the market for a relationship are still likely to fall hard and fast for someone totally out of the blue. The Stars have cast a ‘struck by lightning spell’ during which anything can and will happen!

Written by Hedy Damari

Hedy Damari is an astrologer, writer and author. She was the editor and features writer of Your Destiny magazine for eight years and star columnist for Good Health. She is the current astrologer for TV Week, Yours and the online astrologer for Australian Cosmopolitan. Hedy has written three astrology annuals for Woman’s Day and is a regular contributor for Cosmo Pregnancy, New Idea, Woman’s Day and Wellbeing Astrology. Hedy has written two books - Absolute Astro and Absolute Love Astro (Park St Press). Hedy’s monthly stars appear on her website


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