The Healing Benefits Of Crystals for Your Star Sign

Healing Benefits Of Crystals for Your Star Sign

Crystals are conductors of electromagnetic energy and have long been recognised for their remedial qualities. There’s a vast variety of crystals and gemstones, each with a spectrum of healing benefits.

Combine the characteristics of your star sign with their relevant properties to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as enhance your everyday life.

The Healing Benefits Of Crystals


Ruled by action planet Mars, and an energetic fire sign, the typical Ram is motivated, enthusiastic and confident. When under a lot of pressure though, these more dynamic qualities can manifest as impulsiveness, selfishness and aggression, which often leads to poor decisions and hasty words. The nurturing and stabilising qualities of Jasper absorb negativity and aid in keeping you grounded by balancing your yin and yang energy. It also promotes determination, courage and assertion, enabling you to effectively manage conflict without getting hot under the collar. Aventurine also helps to keep anger, irritability and impatience in check by equalising the male-female energies. On a physical level, Aventurine is the ideal stone for strengthening and restoring health to the ‘body parts’ associated with Aries – the head, circulation and blood cells – and is particularly effective in relieving headaches and stabilising blood-pressure. Although you’re one of the most generous signs you can also be self-absorbed. Kunzite increases humility, unconditional love and selflessness by producing loving thoughts and words.


As an earth sign Taureans are calm and contained. However, your composed exterior usually belies a well of emotional activity. Most aren’t particularly forthcoming and tend to bottle up your emotions until they reach boiling point … and there’s nothing more fearsome than a Taurean temper! Emerald aids in self-expression, encouraging you to articulate your thoughts and emotions. It also relieves jealous tendencies, and attracts two of the most important things to Venus-ruled Bulls – domestic bliss and loyalty. As a fixed sign most Taureans aren’t fond of change. Malachite, the stone of transformation, unblocks personal and spiritual growth by shaking you out of your comfort zone. It helps to create possibilities and adventure by inspiring you to take risks and embrace change. The throat is your ‘body part’ and ‘Achilles heel’. Apart from treating throat problems, the revitalising nature of Amber transmutes negative energy into positive forces. It brings the stability Taureans need but also enhances spontaneity, motivation and the drive to attain your goals.


Air sign Geminis thrive on mental stimulation, and although you’re highly adept at multi-tasking it often means you juggle too much at once. Overstimulation can obscure your clarity and give your energy a frenetic edge, which often leaves you feeling scattered and irritable. Apophyllite is a very soothing stone and effectively reduces stress. It also connects you with your true self, alleviates mental blockages and generates decisiveness. Calming Calcite restores focus and encourages clear decision-making. It also aids in assimilating and retaining information. Blue calcite in particular facilitates clear communication, essential for Mercury-ruled Geminis, and works on the nervous system – the ‘body part’ associated with Twins – by soothing anxiety. Geminis are highly cerebral and sometimes have the tendency to be emotionally disconnected or out of touch. Agate is perfect forbalancing emotions with intellect. Its grounding properties also aid in the practical application of thoughts and bright ideas. Dendritic Agate in particular promotes perseverance and will encourage you to stay centred amid confusion.


Water sign Cancers are highly sensitive creatures known for your sentimental nature. Nostalgic strolls down memory lane are harmless enough, however your attachment to the past can be extremely detrimental making you retentive, resentful and preventing you from moving forward. Moonstone, the crystal of new beginnings, is perfect for breaking holding patterns by enabling you to come to terms with and release the past. Its stabilising qualities effectively ease those notorious Cancer mood swings by settling emotional triggers and preventing you from overreacting to situations. Physically, Moonstone balances the hormonal system and effectively treats a spectrum of conditions associated with one of your most susceptible ‘body parts’ – the stomach – from digestive problems to PMT. The nurturing properties of Rhodonite also bring emotional equilibrium by helping to release past hurt, anger, festering resentment and other painful emotions. Tourmaline, especially pink Tourmaline, diminishes fears and hesitancy through eliminating self-doubt and bolstering your confidence. It also attracts prosperity and enables you to abandon any martyr-like behaviour.


Ruled by the sun, and a fire sign, Leos are one of the most dynamic and creative of the zodiac. However, when out of balance your innate charisma and generosity of spirit can give way to arrogance, egocentricity and bouts of self-indulgent brooding. The powerful properties of Ruby impart positivity and transmute anger into enthusiasm, as well as foster your innate artistic abilities and leadership skills. It also revitalises and strengthens your ‘body part’, the heart, by stimulating the heart chakra. It’s excellent for restoring passion, strength and zest for life and instils you with the motivation and tenacity to reach your goals. The high energy of Carnelian replenishes vitality and stimulates creativity so it’swonderful for artistic endeavours, particularly dramatic pursuits. Tiger’s Eye helps you to utilise your trademark pride and wilfulness in a constructive rather than destructive fashion. It fuels ambition and also effectively assists in achieving goals, but it encourages the right use of your power so that you’ll act with integrity.


Ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with mental faculties, Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. You’re methodical, focussed and discerning but when these traits are negatively expressed you become overly analytical and prone to incessant nit-picking. Aragonite teaches patience, tolerance and open-mindedness. It encourages discipline but prevents you from overexerting yourself and being self-critical. Ametrine (a combination of Amethyst and Citrine) overcomes judgmental tendencies by enhancing co-operation and acceptance of others. Physically, it balances the nervous and digestive systems – both associated with Virgo – by eliminating stress and edginess. Ametrine also promotes optimism and inspiration, encouraging you to explore possibilities and devise creative solutions. Although Virgos have great instincts your intrinsic logic always has supremacy. As a ‘mutable’ sign you can be flexible when need be but as an earth element you’re also wary of change and tend to stick to the status quo. The spiritual qualities of Sodalite synchronise intuition and logic encouraging you to welcome new developments and release rigid mindsets.


Ruled by Venus and the sign associated with partnerships, Librans love being in a snug twosome but often stay in an unfulfilling union or become too dependent. All colours of Jade attract love while green Jade is particularly good for harmonising difficult relationships. As the peace keeper of the zodiac most Libran loathes conflict and will go to great lengths to keep the peace, ironically at the expense of your own. Sunstone is great for those who have difficulty saying ‘no’. Apart from fostering happiness in everyday life it creates empowerment by removing co-dependency. The better known symbol for Libra is a set of scales, and as such you strive towards achieving balance. However, your tendency to incessantly weigh up pros and cons can slow down or completely sabotage your decision making. Lapis Lazuli enables you to act quickly and resolutely by enhancing clarity and simplifying things. The lumbar is the ‘body part’ associated with Libran. Lapis Lazuli also brings relief to those with back problems.


Ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and sex, Scorpios are intense, magnetic and resilient creatures. Obsidian is an extremely potent stone reserved only for those with your brand of strength. It unsympathetically exposes your negative qualities such as stubbornness and vindictiveness but will also help you to eliminate these flaws. Obsidian stimulates growth by dispersing constricting beliefs and urging you to explore new paths, which can be something of a challenge for ‘fixed’ signs. Forgiveness is also something that doesn’t come easily to Scorpios. The soothing and empathetic qualities of Topaz promote truth, compassion, openness and trust. Its vibrant energy also heightens feelings of optimism, abundance, joy and generosity.  On a physical level it benefits both the male and female reproductive organs – the ‘body part’ for Scorpios. Garnet is another stone that helps to dissolve any ingrained ideas and release outmoded habits that can lead to self-sabotaging behaviour. It’s also ideal for balancing the sex drive by creating passion or serenity when needed.


Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and fortune, Sagittarians are, by nature, optimistic, spirited and spontaneous. However, your boundless energy often means you over-extend yourself, and although your intentions are good, at times it’s impossible to meet all obligations. Great ideas often don’t reach fruition due to lack commitment and a fickle disposition. Magnetite is a very grounding stone. It helps to see projects through to the end by promoting perseverance and tenacity. It also fosters staying power which is great, not only for follow through, but those who have difficulty staying in the same place, job or committing to a relationship. On a physical level Magnetite is used to treat aches, pains and sports injuries – something athletic Sagittarians are often prone to particularly in your associated ‘body parts’ – thighs, arms and legs. Smoky Quartz is another crystal which aids in practical application by promoting pragmatism and concentration. Revitalising Turquoise replenishes energy reservoirs but also combats stress by fostering calm as well as concentration.


Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, Capricorns are ambitious, hard working and resourceful. You have high expectations of both yourself and others and usually achieve great success at a relatively young age. However, these lofty standards can place you under a tremendous amount of pressure and lead to unrealistic expectations and demands on your abilities. Onyx not only increases stamina and self-confidence but it allows you to be the master of your destiny without being too hard on yourself. On a physical level, it’s great for strengthening teeth and bones, the ‘body parts’ for Capricorn. Azurite is a mind-expanding stone which challenges you to try a different tack, welcome the unknown without fear and release old belief systems. It also facilitates self-expression, alleviates stress and attracts joy. Work and business are an important part of your life. Jet enhances acumen and is, therefore, great for business transactions while its stabilising qualities allow you to take control by creating a sense of balance.


Altruistic Aquarians strive to make the world a better place on both an individual and collective scale. You induce reform through revolutionary ideas and inspiring unity for a common cause. Apatite promotes success and stability in group endeavours by fostering a desire to serve the greater good. It also cultivates social ease and effective communication. The unpredictable energy of ruler Uranus gives you quite an aversion to routine but as a ‘fixed’ sign you can still find it difficult to embrace change. A stimulator of evolution, Larimar makes it easier to navigate transitional phases by inciting your urge to create progress and thereby transmuting apprehension into optimism and excitement. As a gregarious air sign you are, by nature, friendly however you can also be intolerant, aloof and unemotionally available. Amethyst encourages acceptance, love and selflessness. On a mental level it helps to assimilate new concepts, hones concentration, enhances motivation and improves memory retention. Physically it’s highly beneficial in regulating circulatory systems – the Aquarians ‘body part’.


A sensitive water sign, and the most perceptive of the zodiac, Pisceans easily intuit the feelings and thoughts of others. However, the nebulous nature of ruler Neptune can create difficulty establishing clear boundaries, making you susceptible to absorbing negativity. The protective attributes of Bloodstone are great for warding off undesirable influences while its courageous qualities inspire you to stand up for yourself and set firm boundaries. On a physical level, Bloodstone detoxifies the intestines – one of the Piscean ‘body parts’. Fluorite also offers protection, especially on a psychic level, and gently releases suppressed emotions. Its centring energy is ideal for overcoming disorganisation by promoting productivity and structure in everyday life. Fluorite eliminates self-doubt and enhances decisiveness by dispelling confusion and encouraging you to trust your instincts. As the stone of courage, Aquamarine imparts confidence and eradicates self-defeating attitudes making you feel more effectual when overwhelmed by the machinations of everyday life. It also sharpens both intuition and intellect, replaces chaos with clarity and promotes self-expression.

Written by Hedy Damari

Hedy Damari is an astrologer, writer and author. She was the editor and features writer of Your Destiny magazine for eight years and star columnist for Good Health. She is the current astrologer for TV Week, Yours and the online astrologer for Australian Cosmopolitan. Hedy has written three astrology annuals for Woman’s Day and is a regular contributor for Cosmo Pregnancy, New Idea, Woman’s Day and Wellbeing Astrology. Hedy has written two books - Absolute Astro and Absolute Love Astro (Park St Press). Hedy’s monthly stars appear on her website

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