How Much Do You Know About Your Chinese Star Sign?

Your Chinese Star Sign
Hedy Damari


Feb 01, 2022

Here’s your ultimate guide to your Chinese star sign. Okay, we’re all in the know about our zodiac star sign but how much do you really know about your eastern counterpart?

Legend has it Buddha had reached enlightenment and was ready to leave the Earth. At his farewell dinner he honoured the only 12 animals that joined him by celebrating a new year in their name, each correlating with the order in which they arrived.

Today, as we celebrate the Year of the Tiger, let’s look at what your Chinese star sign says about you. The tiger is known to be king of all beasts in China and comes third in the Chinese zodiac. The qualities associated with the tiger are competitive, self-confident, brave, willpower and strength

If you’re a Rat

Chinese Star Sign Rat

Rats were the first ones to reach Buddha’s feast but only through sheer cunning! In fact, the Ox was in first place but the Rat decided to hitch a ride on the Ox’s back and pushed its way into first place. You are, therefore, endowed with ambition, cunning, intelligence, and motivated by the desire to accumulate wealth.

Possessing fine communication skills, an analytical mind, and an abundance of business acumen, you generally make CEO at an early age and reach lofty heights. You’re a sociable critter with a passion for entertaining and feel most comfortable within a group of people. You also have an innate sense of style and elegance that’s reflected in a “less is more” way. When in love, you make a loyal protective and committed partner.

Positive traits: Loyal, thoughtful, charismatic and empathetic.

Negative traits: Highly-strung, critical and possessive.

If you’re an Ox

Chinese Star Sign Ox

Strong as an Ox? Indeed, your most noteworthy attribute is a sturdy constitution, so it’s little wonder the Rat hitchhiked on your back! Rarely succumbing to illness, you possess great physical strength and a seemingly endless reserve of energy. Blessed with tenacity, patience, determination and dedication you are able to initiate projects and see them through to the very end. Although you’re by no means narrow-minded you usually prefer the respectable and traditional route, advocating marriage rather than casual affairs. Others are attracted to your wisdom and trustworthiness, often seeking your counsel and sympathetic ear and when giving someone your word you will not let them down. You have a strong appreciation of beauty and the finer things in life and being the consummate gastronome you love indulging your senses. In love you are honest, sensual and romantic.

Positive traits: Responsible, industrious and dutiful.

Negative traits: Conservative, stubborn and intolerant.

If you’re a Tiger

Chinese Star Sign Tiger

In China it is the Tiger not the Lion who reigns supreme. You are, therefore, endowed with a magnetic personality, charisma and strong leadership qualities. An asset in your workplace, you have the ability to enthuse others with your uplifting and motivating presence. You’re spontaneous, optimistic and a born risk-taker with a lust for life and childlike enthusiasm. With such a pioneering spirit you love embarking on adventures. You have a strong sense of independence and object to limitations of any kind being imposed on you, especially by romantic partners. You have tremendous strength and courage, two attributes that help you overcome most obstacles life throws at you. You love to be in love but live for the chase and are impulsive in your emotions.

Positive traits: Optimistic, generous and passionate.

Negative traits: Reckless, impatient and aggressive.

If you’re a Rabbit (Cat)

Chinese Star Sign Rabbit

You are extremely diplomatic and tactful and tend to manage sticky situations with the greatest of ease. However, being a born mediator doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy being the middle man/woman. Au contraire – you generally loathe confrontation and desire a harmonious environment. Your home is your castle. It is always tastefully decorated and reflects your sense of style. You’re sensitive and perceptive, preferring to be behind the scenes observing from a safe distance rather than actively participating and being the centre of attention. For all your reticence you are, however, a great networker and a very competent negotiator. In love you are very affectionate and need lots of attention which others can find to be a little on the high maintenance side.

Positive traits: Discreet, intuitive, refined and harmonious.

Negative traits: Aloof, moody, self-absorbed and indecisive.

If you’re a Dragon

Chinese Star Sign Dragon

As the only mythical creature in the Junishi you are regarded as a somewhat ethereal creature, often serving as a source of great inspiration. Others deeply admire your innate confidence and vibrant personality. Blessed with an infectious enthusiasm and an optimistic disposition you often win the support of others with the greatest of ease, in fact you’re a tonic to have around. You’re a person of action, putting your money where your mouth is and giving 100 per cent of your mind, body and spirit to all of your endeavours. However, you can tend to lack follow-through and if something more appealing comes along, whether a person or a cause, you may ditch the one you were previously enamoured of in favour of pursuing something newer and more exciting.

Positive traits: Inspiring, vibrant, magnetic and dynamic.

Negative traits: Dominating, unpredictable and egotistical.

If you’re a Snake

Chinese Star Sign Snake

Snakes may be synonymous with temptation and the Garden of Eden but in China they are symbols of wisdom and beauty. Your serene character and calm approach to life often have others flocking to you to in the hope that your peaceful nature will rub off on them. Although you see little point in getting your knickers in a knot, or rarely display agitation, you are human and have your limits. You love nothing more than reflecting and wallowing in contemplation – however, thoughts only get you so far. Having said that you are disciplined when you need to be and can achieve high positions in work. In love you prefer a safe distance until you’re certain romantic feelings will be reciprocated, in which case you readily commit.

Positive traits: Perceptive, sophisticated and discreet.

Negative traits: Lazy, jealous and possessive.

If you’re a Horse

Chinese Star Sign Horse

Wild, agile and full of vitality you are most comfortable in wide-open spaces and when constantly on the move – there’s one thing you detest more than claustrophobia and that’s inertia. Your tremendous energy and adventurous spirit inspire you to explore. Freedom is very important to you in all aspects of life, especially relationships, and you must find a partner who shares your deep love of adventure and independence. Fond of socialising and with an optimistic disposition your company is usually in high demand. In love you can bore easily and need someone to stimulate you physically and mentally.

Positive traits: Gregarious, courageous, enthusiastic and resourceful.

Negative traits: Impatient, hot-headed and irresponsible.

If you’re a Goat (Sheep)

Chinese Star Sign Sheep

The pacifists of the Chinese horoscope, Goats have a most serene nature. You’re a lover not a fighter and simply loathe confrontation, preferring a harmonious environment where you can be allowed to revel in your quiet thoughts. Friendly, patient and adaptable, others find you easy to get along with. Your sensitive disposition also makes you a very good listener with

friends feeling comfortable to bare their souls in your company only. You have a wonderful imagination and a very artistic side often displaying a flair for music, poetry or art. In love you are deeply romantic.

Positive traits: Compassionate, sincere and considerate.

Negative traits: Self-indulgent, pessimistic and irresponsible.

If you’re a Monkey

Chinese Star Sign Monkey

Just as the animal suggests, Monkey folk are curious, sociable and fun. Endowed with a great sense of comic timing and a lively way of communicating, you’re a barrel of laughs. Blessed with a gregarious nature and friendly disposition, others are drawn to your magnetism. This is especially true when it comes to romance as you tend to ooze a sexual charisma that others find irresistible. You have a keen intellect and a high level of ingenuity that proves particularly useful when it comes to problem solving. You have a strong aversion to routine and feel that variety is definitely the spice of life. This tends to draw out your inner rebel and you like to take risks and push limits wherever possible. In love you are fun-loving, lively and can’t resist a challenge.

Positive traits: Versatile, witty and brilliant.

Negative traits: Untrustworthy, manipulative and unpredictable.

If you’re a Rooster

Chinese Star Sign Rooster

As the name suggests, Roosters are known to be cocky and simply smack of confidence! Yes, you’re brash, proud and not in the least bit coy about voicing your strong and often controversial opinions. However, your tremendous backbone matches the attitude and your fearless spirit is indeed admirable. A true individualist, you stick to your guns and will not be swayed by peer pressure or fashion. This strong sense of self is very much reflected in your unique and impeccable dress sense. Not one to shy away from attention, you love the limelight and seize every opportunity to entertain and socialise. Fancy duds aren’t the only thing about you that’s sharp – you have an intellect to match, an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an acute perception. In love you like exerting control but are also generous and romantic.

Positive traits: Honourable, knowledgable, resourceful and expressive.

Negative traits: Critical, selfish, narcissistic and pretentious.

If you’re a Dog

Chinese Star Sign Dog

Just like their animal counterparts, Dogs are loyal, protective and trustworthy. Friends often come to you in times of crisis during which you provide unwavering support and comfort, for you have a very altruistic nature and will never turn your back on someone in need. Fighting for the underdog you will often sacrifice your own needs and put the unjust treatment of others first. It is because of such ethical behaviour that others deeply admire and appreciate you. Blessed with patience, diligence and honed instincts you bide your time, successfully seeing projects through to the end and will not succumb to stress or pessimism. In love you are as loyal as you are with the rest of life and take relationships very seriously.

Positive traits: Compassionate, driven, idealistic and loyal.

Negative traits: Judgmental, distrustful and cynical.

If you’re a Pig (Boar)

Chinese Star Sign Pig

Carefree, calm and content, you’re generally happier than a pig in a pile of … well, you know. You’re the easiest of all beasts to get along with, undemanding and taking people and situations as they come. The peace lovers of the Junishi, Pig people are thought to be intelligent, gregarious and fun to be with, delighting in indulgence, friends and laughter. You do, however, tend to have an indolent streak and a strong aversion to chores. Life’s too much of a Mardi Gras to worry about silly things like paying the bills, right? In fact you’d just love someone to take care of menial details, not to mention fund your opulent lifestyle. Love is your most prized indulgence and when in an intimate relationship you are demonstrative, tactile, sexy and tender.

Positive traits: Generous, sincere, sensual and warm-hearted.

Negative traits: Self-indulgent, bad-tempered, debauched and excessive.

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