Your Most Compatible Partners By The Stars

Your Most Compatible Partners By The Stars
Hedy Damari


Dec 22, 2023

Astrologer Hedy Demari explains who your most compatible partners by the stars are and gives an insight into your zodiac sign.


ARIES: March 21 – April 19 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

What the world needs now….is not another love song, some hot sex would do nicely though! You’re definitely more of a Harold Robbins than a Mills and Boone kind of person and being a fire sign you are very libidinous, thriving on lust far more than good old fashioned romance.

When you set your sights on someone you’re not afraid to let them know. This can be attributed to your brazen attitude, but is largely to due with the fact that you’re extremely impatient and can’t be bothered waiting for the object of your desire to make the first move. However, you love a challenge and while you’re rather fond of a good flirt your potential love interest cannot afford to be too keen. Playing hard to get is usually the best way to maintain your interest, and when in a relationship you’re capable of fidelity and devotion provided your partner continues to thrill you with both physical and mental stimulation or it’s Splitsville.

You’re highly independent and need your own space but you also liked to be doted on. You can be a little demanding, even confusing, by drawing your partner close with one hand and pushing them away with the other. You want them to be independent but also get shirty if they are not there at your beck and call. All in all it’s preferable for you to have someone who is warm, loving and caring but also independent and is not prepared to tolerate any of your crap.

Most compatible partners: Sagittarius, Leo and Libra

Least compatible partners: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Monthly Astrology for Taurus in May 2017

Being such a passionate and sensual creature you have needs, which may have been sated by the odd fling! However, full blown relationships and all the trappings of being heart-clawingly in love are far more your style! Affectionate, sentimental and deeply passionate you love being love, are very demonstrative and not at all embarrassed by a spot of tasteful public canoodling.

Initially, however, you reserve your tactile and loving behaviour until you’ve put potential love interests through a gruelling screening process to determine whether they are worthy of your attention. Once you’re convinced, the floodgates open and you give nothing short of total commitment and devotion.

You’re by no means high maintenance or demanding but you do expect a great level of respect, loyalty and devotion. Nor are you one for dramatic antics, such as slamming doors, hurling objects and shrill tones, however, you can be guilty of quite the opposite – complacency, and your fear of rocking the boat can sometimes be the unhealthy motivation behind staying in unsatisfying or destructive relationships.

Calm and level headed, it’s surprising that you can succumb to intense fits of jealousy, rivalling that of Scorpios! Therefore, it’s important that your partner recognises and satisfies your need for security, stability and dedication in order to keep the green-eyed monster under wraps.

Most compatible partners: Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio

Least compatible partners: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Astrology: Your Monthly Horoscopes

Easily bored by nature, fickle doesn’t even begin to describe your form when it comes to romance and relationships! Like a kid in a candy store you’re easily distracted and compelled to sample each tempting treat that catches your eye. This is all well and dandy for those who are footloose and fancy free, but poses quite a dilemma for those already involved in relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Geminis are totally incapable of fidelity, in fact few of you will act on your impulses, unless completely unsatisfied with your existing partner. However, many Geminis see monogamy as impractical and, unable to relate to the idea of eating the same breakfast cereal everyday, will have several significant relationships during your life.

Although playing the field is preferable to the old ball and chain, you will make concessions for someone with all the right credentials. Ideally, you’re suited to somebody who won’t stifle your independence, isn’t threatened by your flirtatious disposition and who will offer you the mental stimulation you crave. Female Geminis usually fall for Svengali types whom they see as their intellectual superior, while males have a penchant for easy going, intelligent, independent and sociable women.

Most compatible partners: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

Least Compatible partners: Pisces, Cancer, and although you can’t seem to get enough of them, Scorpios!


CANCER: June 21 – July 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For January 2018

When it comes to love you’re a consummate romantic and an idealist wanting nothing short of undying love, lust, fireworks, babies and marriage, but not necessarily in that order! Your innate fear of rejection usually prevents you from making the first move and you tend to be very guarded initially. You’ll rarely audaciously approach the object of your desire, preferring to wait until you’re certain your affection is reciprocated and your feelings will not be taken advantage of. Trust, therefore is paramount in your relationships and can take some time to build.

When you finally relent to your suitors advances you fall very hard and usually end up swapping keys or moving furniture after the second date. You take relationships very seriously and once you let down the drawbridge you give devotion, nurturing and unconditional love and expect nothing less than the complete support and adoration. You can be high maintenance but worth it!

You’re forgiving when a lover hurts you, but will never forget, throwing it back in face time and again. You’re extremely loyal and loving, but can be needy, dependent and overly protective. You’re a natural at intuiting your partners needs, but feel let down when they don’t show the same level of perceptiveness.

Most compatible partners: Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn

Least Compatible partners: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


LEO: July 23 – Aug 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

Felines are extremely affectionate, loyal and doting partners. Pomp and pageantry is all part of the wooing process, and true to your romantic form you thrive on submitting your love interest to grand gestures of undying love, thoughtful gifts and pure adoration. However, your immense generosity and devotion makes it difficult for lovers to reciprocate such ardour and commitment 24/7, and when you expect the same level of intensity and attention problems can arise. Yep, you’re low maintenance provided you’re adored, which, face it can be a full time job, particularly when your desire for reassurance, compliments and approval proves to be a bottomless pit! However, you’re special and you know it, absolutely refusing to settle for less than the best.

It’s not a Lion’s style to do things half heartedly and in keeping with your passionate and thespian nature, when you fall it’s usually very hard and very fast. You’re a firm believer in love, or at least lust at first sight and dive head first into heavy commitment.

Being a passionate fire sign you’re also very demanding, sexually speaking, and can become quite ropable when deprived of the good stuff!

You demand loyalty and respect and will not tolerate infidelity, or even flirtatious behaviour from your partner.

Most compatible partner: Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Least compatible partner: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


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Celibacy is often associated with Virgo’s, who’s symbol is the Virgin. However, this representation can be quite misleading. You love intimacy as much as the next person but are able to endure bouts of self-imposed abstinence because it’s not your style to fall head first into a passionate romance or jump into bed with just anyone. You’re extremely fussy when it comes to choosing a partner and you must ascertain whether they fulfil your criteria before reeling them in or submitting to their advances.

You can be very reserved, even shy at first in the presence of someone you fancy and will hold off on instigating anything until you’re positive that your feelings will be reciprocated.

Although you’re a warm, loyal and considerate partner, many of you feel it is tacky and inappropriate to be too demonstrative in public and will save your affection for behind close doors.

You are a fairly trusting lover, rarely becoming jealousy or giving your partner reason to be. You provide your partner with stability, security and always let them know where they stand. In return you expect the same. You don’t throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble and usually try to at least work things out.

Most compatible partners: Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces

Least compatible partners: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


LIBRA: Sept 23 – Oct 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For January 2018

The sign of Libra is associated with relationships and it is through these lengthy or fleeting romantic encounters that you grow and learn. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Librans are the serial monogamists of the zodiac, and it’s a damn rare sighting to see a luscious Libran without a partner, or at least a spunky handbag! Even the odd self-imposed bout of singledom rarely lasts long, as you’re such an attractive bunch, and someone is usually waiting in the wings ready to pounce the second you end a relationship.

Extremely romantic and affectionate, you make very dedicated partners, although your flirtatious nature can be a heated point of contention and keep your partner on their toes! It is however, part of your nature and, more often than not, completely harmless. Therefore, you need someone who is not going to be possessive or cramp your style.

When in love you’re completely committed to making the relationship work, sometimes to your detriment by staying with an unsuitable partner and flogging the proverbial dead horse. When you fall out of love you may covertly start to look for your next partner, but stay within the comfort zone of you current, yet unsatisfactory relationship until someone better comes along!

Most compatible partners: Gemini, Aquarius, Aries

Least compatible partners: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Astrology: Your Monthly Horoscopes

When in love Scorpios are the most loyal, devoted and loving partners, but it comes at a pretty high price…..your lover’s soul. You like to own your partner, and along with your polar opposite Taurus, share the title of most possessive sign. You can be extremely jealous, even when you feel secure, staring daggers at your partner for harmlessly pecking someone on the cheek, and should they commit the cardinal sin of cheating you’ll make it your soul purpose in this life and the next ten to utterly destroy them! Betrayal is simply unacceptable.

You may not be the most romantic person, but you are very sensual and genuinely affectionate making your partner feel very secure and as though they are the only person in the world for you.

Scorpios have strong loathes and loves and when you fall for someone it’s instant and powerful. You’re very demonstrative, especially in the initial ‘bonking like bunnies’ phase, and honest with your feelings and intentions. You don’t mind vocalising your ardent feelings from the get go and letting your love interest know where they stand. This may initially scare them a little, but if they can’t stand the heat they’d better get out of the boudoir!

Most compatible partners: Cancer, Pisces, Taurus

Least compatible partners: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Astrology: Your Monthly Horoscopes

The realm of romance is yet another adventure for Saggies to explore and conquer, leaving no stone unturned and it’s likely that many of you will have several relationships, both casual and serious before committing to Mr/Miss Right.

Saggies don’t need the security of a relationship, in fact some of you find relationships in the conventional sense to be quite restrictive. Not that you view being with someone as an albatross hanging around your neck, but you’re not willing to curb all of your ways, change yourself and develop a fondness for white picket fences. So your partner has to accept you, warts and all, and not try to change or control you.

They must also understand your need for freedom and share your adventurous spirit.

It’s also important that your partner can handle and understand your straightforwardness and will, in turn be completely honest with you.

You are very affectionate and, like the rest of us, want to feel loved and adored, but possessiveness and keeping tabs on you are sure fire methods to drive you away, and although you may not succumb to ‘traditional’ relationships, you’re still very capable of showing devotion, loyalty and commitment.


Astrology: Your Monthly Horoscopes

Forget mushy shows of public affection, goo-goo eyes and superfluous ‘I love you’s’ the Cap is far too sophisticated for that. You are however, a responsive partner who seeks stability and fulfilment through loyalty and commitment. You can do without the spice if it means enduring a rocky and volatile relationship that swings hot and cold and never lets you know where you stand. You don’t mind predictability, however, your reluctance to take a chance can sometimes cause you to miss some truly defining romantic moments.

Although you’re responsible for creating an atmosphere of comfort and contentment, you can become restless when smooth sailing verges on complacency. In which case, you can secretly tire of it and lead a double life of affairs or at least a fierce roving eye.

However, you’re a protective, comforting and affectionate partner who stands by your mate through thick and thin. Being so elegant most of you are drawn to sophisticated people and are undeniably attracted to those with power and status, a more potent aphrodisiac than oysters and Viagra rolled into one! You like motivated people who are on the same page, your equal with ambition and a sense of accomplishment or at least hopes and dreams.


Astrology: Your Monthly Horoscopes

It’s a common misconception that all Aquarians are completely commitment phobic. True, you tend to break out in a rash when “marriage” and “love” are mentioned, but given the right amount of breathing space, you are in fact, a devoted and loyal partner.

Yes, you love your freedom and guard it jealously, but when you’re gently eased into a situation and assured that your partner isn’t going to deprive you of it you loosen up and reciprocate with abandon.

Suffice to say neediness isn’t exactly a turn on, and you tend to run a mile the second your lover leans on or starts placing demands on you. Therefore, you need someone who is prepared to accept whatever it is that you are capable of giving, even if it seems a little uncompromising at the time.

It’s also important that your lover is, first and foremost, a friend and equal in whom you can place complete trust, and is capable of stimulating your intellect, as well as your loins. In keeping with your unique nature your relationships may begin on an unorthodox note, but can eventually give way to a regular relationship and, dare I say, conventional living arrangements.

Most compatible partners: Gemini, Libra, Leo

Least Compatible partners: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

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Pisceans tend to wear rose tinted glasses most of the time but when it comes to love you’re truly blind! Your extreme devotion can sometimes result in turning a blind eye to or making excuses for your lover’s shortcomings, leading to romances that can only be described as a one way street.

You’re an incurable romantic capable of being swept into a fantasy land with your love, locking yourself inside a room with nothing but a solid diet of sex and pizza. However, you’re deeply spiritual and don’t take sex and relationships lightly. You’re very affectionate and easy to please, appreciating the effort your partner goes to even if it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. However, you must know where you stand and that you are loved, which is why a stable relationship is so important to Pisceans. You need a demonstrative and affectionate partner who provides you with security and loves you unconditionally.

You’re very passionate and tend to fall hard before actually knowing what you’re getting yourself into, and by the time the dust settles and you see your partner for who they are you may have moved in or bought a house together.

Most compatible partners: Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo.

Least Compatible partners: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra


By Hedy Damari


Hedy Damari is an astrologer, writer and author. She was the editor and features writer of Your Destiny magazine for eight years and star columnist for Good Health. She is the current astrologer for TV Week, Yours and the online astrologer for Australian Cosmopolitan. Hedy has written three astrology annuals for Woman’s Day and is a regular contributor for Cosmo Pregnancy, New Idea, Woman’s Day and Wellbeing Astrology. Hedy has written two books - Absolute Astro and Absolute Love Astro (Park St Press).



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