Why The Olympic Games Are The Rings Of Hope

Jane Kilkenny

Jul 26, 2021

Jane Kilkenny talks about how the Olympic Games bring joy and hope into our lives.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony signals a time for the world to take a big deep breath.  There is no doubt the world has been in turmoil, suffocating under the burden of the pandemic.   Every country has been impacted.  Despite the postponement of the Games, and the controversy surrounding the decision to proceed, we must now embrace the positivity they provide.pole vault

From a global perspective, the Olympic Games provide hope.  They bring together the nations of the world, where politics can be put to one side.  The focus then becomes one of human endeavour and perseverance.  Every athlete that takes part in an Olympic Games joins a very unique club.  To become an Olympian takes sacrifice, commitment and support.

One of the most amazing things about the Olympics is the magic of seeing an athlete perform outside themselves.  That sheer elation of the life changing instant when a victory comes.  For some, it meets the expectation based on previous performances, and reaches that pinnacle.  For others, who dare to dream, and then pull out one of those remarkable performances that shocks the world and changes their lives forever.  That’s the uniqueness of this event.

What creates that magic? Is it the fact that it only happens every four years, with the exception of these current games.   Is the fact that it generates an exceptional level of national pride and patriotism for all nations?  The joy on the faces of athletes from around the world at the Opening Ceremony paints a very poignant picture. It is pure excitement, anticipation and for us at home we too, finally have something we can smile about.

Frans Van Heerden at Pexels

Even with the delay that has taken place, the world really needed the Olympics to proceed.  The world has been under enormous pressure since the pandemic began. It is more than a global health crisis where the number of people diagnosed with Covid is the only issue.  This pandemic has caused so much negativity and frustration around the world where governments have imposed harsh restrictions to control the spread of the disease.  Unfortunately politics have created just as much destruction as the disease itself.

For the 16 days of Olympic competition the world has an enormous injection of positivity and happiness.  Japan is truly the most wonderful host nation for the controversy of these Games.  Japan is a nation divided by the pandemic.  However they have shown the world how to be respectful and allow an event that is of global significance to proceed with professionalism and precision.

The Olympic Games is a wonderful celebration of human achievement.  It is also a celebration of global unity.  The Olympic Games are the biggest and most positive good news story for our embattled world.  Let’s embrace the positivity of these Games and allow ourselves to move forward.  Let’s be proud of our athletes, embrace their amazing performances, and celebrate human endeavour.

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By Jane Kilkenny

* Over 25 years experience in Health & Fitness * High-Performance Specialist * Children’s Fitness Specialist * Elite Junior Coach * IAAF Level 4 Coach * Ultra Marathon Runner * Successful Business Owner * Cancer survivor Jane has extensive experience in the Health and Fitness sector. She has run a successful boutique fitness studio for 20 years and also specialises in junior performance training. She has been a pioneer in kids fitness, having specialised in this area since 2003. Jane is also a passionate runner and coach, having competed in events ranging from 5km to ultramarathons! Her favourite aspect of coaching is supporting athletes and watching their confidence grow, taking them beyond their own expectations in performance.



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