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Virgin Active Australia Launches New Global Fitness Direction

Richard branson New Global Fitness Direction Launches Through Virgin Active Australia

“Nearly twenty years ago, we launched Virgin Active with an aim to help everyone live a healthy and active lifestyle, and the understanding that life sometimes gets in the way,” Richard Branson explains. “Fast forward to today and our lives are even more demanding and fast-paced than ever. To start and stick to exercise, people need a more personal, more motivational and more enjoyable exercise experience delivered in more convenient and accessible ways.”

Virgin Active, the international health club chain that is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, will roll out four new clubs in Sydney – in the CBD and at Bondi Junction over the next 12 months.

Each club will provide a wide range of services – from expect yoga, meditation, music led rhythm cycling, Reformer Pilates, boxing and HIIT training classes, a luxury gym, and personal training.

Richard Branson

Besides these physical gyms, the idea also is to make exercise accessible to everyone – regardless of proximity to a gym. Virgin Active plans to provide guided workouts, yoga and meditation digitally for users to use anytime and anywhere. So there’s no need to head over to the gym to work out anymore!

So you can now attend a Reformer Pilates class in the CBD on Monday evening, follow a guided meditation podcast while on the train commuting home on Tuesday, squeeze in a quick lunchtime gym session on Wednesday, complete a 30-minute yoga class at home on a Friday morning, and attend a group exercise circuit session at your nearest park on Saturday morning!

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