How To Get Your Arms Into Shape And Beat Those Bingo Wings

James Duigan

Health & Lifestyle Contributor

Jun 23, 2018

There’s no equipment needed here…just three simple exercises for slim, toned arms.

Duigan has celebrity fans all over the world including Elle Macpherson, Jessica Gomes, British supermodels Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy.

Not only is he the guru of exercise circuits, but his super gym in London, Bodyism promotes his Clean & Lean diet programme which advocates essentially cleaning up your diet and streamlining your approach to eating in tune with your fitness routine.

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Filmed exclusively for TheCarousel, follow James as he takes you through some simple arm-toning exercises that can be done anywhere at any time of day and require no equipment.

The Y is a fantastic way to improve posture and tone arms, simply sweeping them up and down while in a squat position. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and your chest lifted. Keep your thumbs up to increase effectiveness.

The closed-grip push-up from the knee is a half push-up done at a steady pace with a straight back. Keep your tummy tight to protect your back. 10-15 reps with a steady pace.


And the floor tricep dip also helps tone up legs, stomach and buttocks. Also great for burning fat from your upper body. keep an eye on your posture for this one…This burns more fat than you think!

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JAMES: Hi there, my name is James Duigan, founder of Bodyism and author of the ‘Clean and Lean’ diet books. Welcome to our exclusive series of films for Carousel.

How to get your arms into shape and beat those bingo wings

This week we are going to show you three simple exercises to give you slim, toned arms.

The Y’s are a fantastic way of improving your posture and toning your arms. What you want to do is get into a good, athletic based position and keep your back straight and your chest lifted. Keep your arms straight and use them as a lever3 to get your back into extension.

A really important point to remember is to keep your thumbs up, almost like you are shaking hands with someone. This engages the deep postural muscles and increases the effectiveness of this brilliant exercise.

We normally get people to do 15 Y’s every morning.

The closed grip push up is a great way of toning your arms without any equipment. You can literally do it anywhere, any time.

Key things to remember are keeping your tummy tight so your back is protected and maintaining perfect posture, so keep your head in nice alignment. Just the way that Tegan is showing you.

We often get people doing about 10-15, but if you can’t manage that that’s fine. Keep a steady pace; so don’t go down too fast or up too fast. Nice and steady wins the day.

Tricep dip from the floor is a great exercise that you can do anywhere at anytime. It’s perfect for toning your arms and burning fat from your upper body.

Key points to remember are keeping your tummy engaged so your back stays safe and keeping perfect posture, just as the lovely Tegan is showing us here.

The great thing about this is that you are also using your legs and your butt, so you are burning a lot more fat than you would think.

Today I have shown you three simple exercises that you can do anywhere, any time for beautiful, toned arms.

Thank you for watching.


By James Duigan

Health & Lifestyle Contributor

James Duigan is responsible for some of the most beautiful bodies in world. Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few of his famous clients. Known as the flat-stomach king, James Duigan will provide The Carousel readers a simple and achievable blueprint for a lean and healthy body. Contact: editor@thecarousel.com


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