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Try Michelle Bridges Personal Cardio And Strength Workout That You Can Do At Home

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While we’re stuck at home, it’s extremely important that we keep moving in any way possible, because otherwise we’re just eating and doing no exercise, and that’s a highway leading straight to weight gain. So we’re going to give you two quick and easy workouts for both cardio and strength training extracted from Michelle Bridges’ book, ‘Low-carb Solution’.

“Eating more carbs than we need, day after day, and doing very little exercise is a one-way street to weight gain and disease,”

says Michelle Bridges, author of ‘Low-carb Solution’
Low Carb Solution, cardio, workout
Low-Carb Solution page 33

Cardio Workout

For the cardio section, there will be exercises in one set of however many sets you can do until your drop (you’ll also need a skipping rope):

  1. 1 min skipping
  2. 10 x push-ups
  3. 1 min bear crawls
  4. 10 x squat jumps
  5. 1 min skipping
  6. 10 x ice skaters
  7. 1 min bear crawls

Strength Workout

The strength section is designed in three rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for each exercise initially, although try and do as many rounds as you can. There are three exercises per round (this requires no equipment).

Low Carb Solution, strength, workout
Low-Carb Solution page 34


  1. 21 x squats
  2. 15 x push-ups
  3. 9 x Russian twists


  1. 21 x squats
  2. 15 x push-ups
  3. 9 x rolling bridges


  1. 21 x squats
  2. 15 x push-ups
  3. 9 x hand to forearm planks

Try and do as many sets of three rounds as you can!

There are also some other easy ways to do little bursts of movement during the day for strength and cardio:

Workout, home

You can buy ‘Low-carb Solution’ by Michelle Bridges for $36.99 here.

Low-carb Solution by Michelle Bridges, Published by Macmillan Australia, RRP $36.99, Photography by 12WBT Trading

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